Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

stupid man planking on sleeping tiger animal insurance

Tiger Planking

Charles Darwin might have been onto something with the whole natural selection thing. It wouldn't be a huge loss is people like this were weeded out of the gene pool!
Check out this guy who is brave enough and stupid enough to pose for this picture. Notice how the other tiger wants to make a meal out of his foot
Stupid contruction workers in shade under backhoe lawsuit

Lunch in the Shade

It must have been a very hot day to force these contstruction workers to do this.
stupid man holding trunk closed auto insurance

The Human Bungee Cord

No bungie cords, no problem. Just hire this guy to hang on for dear life instead.

Stupid man gun earplug

Safety First

Don't have any earplugs on hand? Just stick your loaded gun in your ear.
Stupid construction worker sawing wood on mans back health insurance

Hold Very Still

Why in the world would they do this when there's a perfectly fine sawtable behind them?
Stupid men using electricity in the pool

What Could Go Wrong?

Surely two flip flops will make sure that the plug doesn't get wet and kill them all.
Stupid worker causing sparks to hit gas tanks

Infammable Means Flammable?

It's probably not the best idea to shoot flaming hot sparks onto huge canisters full of explosive gas.
Stupid man standing on ledge

Don't Look Down

Climbing out on a ledge like that takes some serious guts... and that's all that would be left if he fell.
Stupid man leaning out window to fix air conditioner life insurance

Acrobatic A/C Repair

Have a broken air conditioner? No problem. Just dangle this guy outside your window on the 10th floor.
Stupid men pants on fire insurance

Flaming Hot

What is even going on here? Three guys have their pants on fire and nobody seems to care.
Stupid man sawing off tree branch


Obviously this guy doesn't understand how gravity works. He might want to switch to sitting on the other side.
Stupid army men attempting to open a bomb

An Explosive Situation

What are you supposed to do with a bomb that didn't go off? Definitely not hit it with a chisel and hammer.
Stupid men on ATV and mattress

Redneck Wakeboarding

This improvised wakeboard setup doesn't look like the safest idea.
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