Watching three hour TV a day could shorten your life

SPAIN: It is revealed in a research that watching TV 3-4 hours a day can double the risk of death and human can die earlier. According to study report that people who spend time in front of TV at least three hour may be die early than people who watch TV only one hour or less.
TV Time
The study further reported that people who watch TV 2 hours a day die early as compared to those who watch one hour or less. Experts said that sitting much is not good for health as compared to driving a car or doing work on computer is passive activity.
For every two extra hours of watching TV above one hour a day, the people were 44 percent more likely to die from heart disease or stroke, 21 percent more likely to die of cancer.
Death rate increased by 13 percent if anyone spends two hours a day and this percentage can increased if time of watchingTV increase by three hour or more a day.

Researcher also said that study cannot proof either people die due to watching TV or for any other reasons but it is prove that it has relation with death.
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