5 Saudi healthy women agree to marry AIDS patient

DAMMAM: In Saudi Arab 5 healthy and young women astonished people 
after expressed their decision that they are ready to marry AIDS patient.

Saudi Arab Woman
In Jeddah, Mousa Hayazea, The executive director of the Saudi Society for Combating AIDS, expressed astonishment at the young women’s “adventurous” decision.
“About 700 AIDS patients registered in society,” said Hayazea. Since its establishment, the society has been able to help 140 men and women with AIDS to get married, he said, adding there are 50 others on a waiting list of AIDS patients wishing to get married.
“95 percent of the marriages were successful and the couples were leading a stable and happy life,” said Hayazea.
Hayazea told about a young boy who registered with the society was a Saudi student who was sent on scholarship to study inAustralia. He discovered that he had AIDS after reaching Australia in late 2009.

Mousa Hayazea said that many people dislike AIDS patients and due to which they lose their confidence and slip into bad habits like drug abuse and other street crime.
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