Deadly Revenge of woman by burning her ex-husband’s wife

BEIJING: A woman took revenge by burning her ex-husband’s wife by dousing her in gasoline on a street in Kunming, capital of southwest China’s province Yunnan before trying to commit suicide. Suspect woman named Shi reported that she carried out attack because of victim forced me to get divorce.
Burning Woman
The tea house owner Liu said he heard that Shi accuse her victim of seducing her husband. Shi is then sprayed her victim with chilli powered. She rushed to a restaurant across the street and picked up a bucket of gasoline. Shi poured the gas on her victim.

According to local media reports, Shi had worked in a hotel but quit and her ex-husband is a bus driver. The couple have a daughter who will enter college this year. After the attack, Shi drank poison. She was taken in hospital and she is in serious condition.
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