1 man has illegally up to 12 wives of different nationalities

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian special branch officers are being investigated the person who may have married as many as up to 12 wives across Europe and Asia. Police investigation cell told the name of this person to media is ‘Robert Andrew Scott’, Police said he also uses the Muslim name Jamaluddin Mustafa and is usually wears Islamic dress.
Group of Women
43-year-old Robert Andrew Scott is now living on the Malaysian island of Penang has been accused by women who have come forward to the police of duping his wives into caring for him, taking their money, then moving on to another woman.
State director of special branch told to media most of the women targeted by Scott were professionals such as bank officers/university lecturers, and Scott took their money after marrying them.

Robert married women of several countries, including Bosnia, Indonesia, France, Morocco, Germany and Britain. He recently divorced two of his Malaysian wives.

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