15 Facts That Girls Don't Want Guys to Know

Woman eating hamburger cheating on diet

Girls Let Themselves Go Once They Are in a Relationship

Girls focus on their appearance so much because they want to attract a guy. Once they are in a committed relationship, there's no reason to keep up the same level of appearance. That's why girls tend to let themselves go, which mainly means less dieting and exercising.
Desperate woman crying putting on makeup

Girls Spend a Lot of Time Looking in the Mirror

Most guys only look in the mirror a couple of times a day. On the other hand, girls look at themselves in the mirror as often as they can get. Whether it's for a quick adjustment, reapplying makeup, or just to check herself out, girls just can't resist. They also do strange things like crying in front of the mirror to see if they are an "ugly cryer."
Best friend girls gossiping

Girls Tell Their Best Friend Everything

If you thought your secret was safe with a girl, then you're dead wrong. Girls love to gossip and share secrets with each other, and especially their best friend. Because of their special bond between each other, they will tell each other literally everything. From boring details about her job to intimate details about your sex life, a girl's "bestie" knows it all.
Woman wearing hair bun

Girls Wearing a Bun or Ponytail Probably Haven't Showered

Girls like to make a big stink about guys having good hygiene, but they need to point the finger at themselves first. Girls will skip showers just as often as guys, but it's easier for them to mask their dirty habit. Just pull that greasy hair into a bun or a ponytail and spray on plenty of perfume -- instantly clean.
Woman looking up Facebook on tablet

Girls Facebook Stalk Almost Everyone They Meet

For whatever reason, girls want to know everything about every person they meet. Facebook has become their ultimate tool to research people, and especially guys that they're interested in. Don't be surprised if that girl you just met looks through literally every single post and picture you've ever uploaded to Facebook to check you out.
Young woman shaving her legs on the side of the bathtub

Girls Don't Shave Their Legs in the Winter

Girls like having silky smooth legs, but they absolutely hate shaving them. So when the weather turns cold and it's acceptable to wear pants again, shaving goes out the window. So don't be surprised if a girl wants a little bit of preparation time before date night in December.
Women friends having coffee

Girls Can Communicate to Each Other Without Talking

It's actually pretty scary what girls can communicate to each other without talking. They've mastered the art of using their eyes, facial expressions, and maybe a little bit of telepathy to have completely silent conversations. It's even more effective between good friends.
Woman served romantic breakfast in bed

Girls Always Fall for Romantic Gestures

To put it simply, Girls are suckers when it comes to romantic gestures. Unexpected gifts of jewelry, flowers, or sweets are a surefire hit. More involved gestures, like setting up a candlelit bubblebath or making her breakfast in bed, are guaranteed to get you off the hook for anything short of cheating on her.
Young Couple At Restaurant

Girls Often Flirt With Guys And Play It Off as a Joke

If you think that a girl might be hitting on you, she probably is. Girls love to flirt, but they don't want anyone to know about it -- even the guy that they are flirting with! Because girls are insecure, they want to test the waters to see if you're interested. Even if you flirt back, they'll probably just play it off as a joke.
Woman paying attention to well dressed man

Girls Pay a Lot of Attention to a Guy's Clothes

Most guys think that girls pay a lot of attention to their face, but what's even more important is the way they dress! Girls are extremely fashion conscious, which means they actually pay more attention to how a guy dresses than anything else. An guy who's normally a "5" could easily become an "8" with an upgraded wardrobe.
Young woman thinking about relationship

Girls Spend Most of Their Time Thinking About Guys

Girls are obsessed with guys. Polls have shown that girls are thinking about a specific guy about 15% of the time, about guys in general 20% of the time, and how to get guys to notice them 25% of the time. While 60% of their thoughts are dedicated to men, the rest remains a mystery.
Couple Sharing a Kiss While Sitting With Friends

Girls Enjoy Being Kissed in Front of Their Friends

While PDA (public display of affection) is generally frowned upon, girls secretly like to be kissed in front of their friends. That doesn't mean starting a full-on makeout session, because a quick peck on the lips will do the job without being awkward. She just wants to make her friends jealous by showing off her relationship.
Group of female teenage students

Girls Stay in Groups Because They Lack Confidence

It's extremely hard for guys to get up the courage to talk to a random girl, and it's even harder since girls travel in groups. Girls tend to stick together in packs when they're in public, partially for safety, but also because it gives them a sense of power. Most girls lack the confidence to meet and talk to random guys alone.
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Girls Are Afraid of Losing Their Independence to a Guy

The modern girl has been taught to become a strong, independant woman. In our male dominated culture, a relationship means being with someone who could strip that power away. That's why girls are secretly commitaphobes who only want to marry the perfect guy.

Couple sitting on couch question marks

Girls Enjoy Some Mystery in a Relationship

Girls tend to romanticize the concept of a relationship, which means they tend to get bored once you get to know each other. Even though they won't admit it, girls actually prefer sense of mystery about their guy. Keeping a handful of innocent secrets will keep her guessing and interested in you..

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