Top 10 Most Creative Theme Park Souvenir Photos

The whole idea of a Theme park/rollercoaster souvenir photo is for it to capture you in your worst moment possible so you may frame and cringe at it for eternity. And that’s before they almost make you homeless with the extortionate prices of paying for the darn thing – we like to be wined and dined before we get f***ed.
So if you wish for a theme park souvenir photo to grace your bedroom in a $1 photo frame, why not get creative and take props on your next rollercoaster/log flum ride? Sure, we can imagine it being quite dangerous taking a Monopoly board game or a Jenga board game on to a rollercoaster. Sure, yeah we’ve seen that movie Final Destination. Just think of dem LOLs though.

10. Dude, One Piece At A Time


9. That Day Edward Cullen Played Chess On A Rollercoaster


8. Bro, Hold On! Cough Up $200!


7. Milk, No Cereal For Me


6. Razer On A Rollercoaster, What Could Go Wrong?


5. Yeah I Know, Totally Awesome, Right?


4. If Only You Knew How I Sneaked This On


3. Today, Grandad? Just Move A Piece!


2. “Haha! Dumb Ass! Can You Even Read?”


1. Sh*t! Did I Lock The Back Door?

I guess when we said “creative theme park souvenir photos,” we really just mean funny rollercoaster and log flume souvenir photos. But that wouldn’t have made the best title. Besides, why have a camera on the teacups or the mini rail? Then again, go ask your uncle, he’ll tell you why someone may wish to have a camera on them.

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