Bad 5 Names For Businesses

So, you and the wife have finally quit the day jobs to pursue your dreams of running your own business. There’s just one problem: you haven’t come up with that perfect business name yet.
Coming up with the perfect business name that isn’t too cheesy and which explains your business perfectly with a little hint of wittiness can be a real challenge – afterall, you wouldn’t want a bad business name now would you?
However, get it wrong and suffer an unfortunate business name forever. “Honey, business is terrible. Do you think it could be our name?” “Darling, there’s nothing wrong with “Cockburn Refrigeration.” Cockburn is a family name!”

6. Cockburn Refrigeration


5. Camel Tow Service


4. Morning Wood


3. Rape


2. Women Kickboxing Kids


1. Gay Fish Co.

If all else fails, just hire someone to name your business. Yes, pay someone $1000s for just coming up with a name.
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