Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Like Mattresses

A top 10 list dedicated to celebrities who look like mattresses? Who the hell would want to see that? Well for one, us! How many times do celebrities have mattress doppelgangers? Can mattresses even look like celebrities? So many questions and so much curiosity.
Let’s take a minute to thank Walthamstow (unofficial) Tourist Board – who “promise a cultural experience you’ll never forget” – for taking the time to create the following. Basically local resident  of Walthamstow (a large suburban district of (north) east London), Warpdog, goes around and photographs abandoned mattresses amongst other things – if he doesn’t, who will? It also makes an awesome job description: “Yes, I’m an abandoned mattress photographer.”

10. Girls Aloud Mattress Look Alike


9. Katy Perry Mattress Look Alike


8. Kim Kardashian Mattress Look Alike

Kim Kardashian_mattress_look_alike

7. Russell Brand Mattress Look Alike


6. Lindsy Lohan Mattress Look Alike


5. Mickey Rourke Mattress Look Alike


4. Pixie Lott Mattress Look Alike


3. Rihanna Mattress Look Alike


2. Leonardo Dicaprio Mattress Look Alike


1. Jason Statham Mattress Look Alike

We are just glad that someone has taken the time to pay attention to what really matters. We mean there isn’t that much government funding for neglected and forgotten about mattresses and we feel we now live in a world where such cruelty and hardships shouldn’t exist.
For just $5 a month, you could help abandoned mattresses everywhere find that exposure and celebrity status they deserves.

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