Top 10 Celebrities With One Tiny Hand

It’s been a while since we’ve brought you another dedicated Tumblr blog about something pointless yet slightly amusing, so today we’re introducing a post dedicated to celebrities with one tiny hand… or “one tiny step for hands, one giant leap for mankind” as one tiny hand put it.
As far as we are aware, Jeremy Beadle is the only celebrity with a tiny hand – a tiny right hand to be precise. Oh and now we think about it, that guy on Scary Movie: “grab my good hand!”
We wonder if there is a medical name for a person with a small hand? We reckon there is one. Does anyone know? Let us know below if you do in the comment.

10. Beyonce With Tiny Hand


9. Daenerys Targaryen With Tiny Hand


8. George Clooney With Tiny Hand


7. Jennifer Lawrence With Tiny Hand


6. Jim Parsons With Tiny Hand


5. Justin Timberlake With Tiny Hand


4. Katy Perry With Tiny Hand

katy perry_tiny_hand

3. Mark Wahlberg With Tiny Hand


2. Sandy & Danny With Tiny Hand


1. Walter White With Tiny Hand

In fairness having a tiny hand, celebrity or not, wouldn’t be the worse thing. Sure, we’re not going to pray to God and ask nicely for a tiny right hand, but it is quite funny to look at – in a good way. Plus, we can imagine the bitches would find a tiny hand cute. Which then translates to more ass! Hold on a seconds… “Dear Lord…”
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