MAC or PC, what to choose?

MAC or PC, what to chooseTwo major players are dividing computer market nowadays: Apple and Microsoft. In practice, whether the user is choosing a Mac or a PC. Each of these devices has their specificities and their own benefits. The next few lines details these features to better choose between a Mac and a PC.

Operating System

MAC operating system differs at all points from a PC. MAC is running on Mac OS, and PC running on Windows. Mac OS is more efficient basically speaking because of its more compact and simpler architecture. The risk of errors and crashes is lower on a MAC. However, we must remember that Windows system owns a service pack, which includes all updates to improve the system performance. In general, everything depends on the use of the central processing unit. Note that a PC has other systems to running on Linux, Unix and still others.

Running applications

Windows are more numerous, this is a fact that we cannot deny. This is even true for freeware. Nevertheless, mixed softwares are available on both OS. However, software for MAC is more efficient, because they have been specially developed for it. For example, in the field of image and video processing, the MAC is largely preferred. In addition, handling is easier on a MAC. In other words, those who prefer the convenience can choose a PC and those who believe in efficiency and speed can turn to a MAC.


For this point, the owner of a MAC has little to worry about. Indeed, most malware infect PC platforms. Once connected to the Internet, PC must be equipped with an anti-virus to minimize the intrusion of malware (viruses, Trojans, Adware, Spyware and many other threats that may destroy the operating system). This is explained by the fact that over 90 % of the market is occupied by PC. Due to this, computers running on Windows OS are a prime target for hackers. On the other hand, a frequently updated antivirus greatly reduces the risk.


Who says performance says high prices. Indeed, thanks to its prowess and higher level of security, MAC costs more than PCs. This is also due to Apple’s marketing policy, which places its products as elite and luxury products and ditto for software. For its part, the PC offers a huge number of cheaper software. However, it should be noted that PC maintenance remains costly compared to MAC.

Accessories and design

Here, the PC is favored by many because of its customizable character. Indeed, a user can choose different components to equip his machine. In addition, once obsolete, they are uninstalled and replaced without difficulty. For its part, all MAC accessories are developed by Apple which makes compatibility issues directly and automatically solved. As a final point, the design of Apple computers is fluid and very modern making it favorite among users.
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