15 year old UK’s youngest PhD Student

LONDON: I5 year old Eugenie de Silva is studying in department of Politics and International Relations,University of Leicester under the supervision of Professor Mark Phythian. She is believed to be one of the youngest PhD holders in UK.
Eugenie de silve
Professor Mark said that Eugenia had been interviewed by Skype and she proves that she is best and intelligent girl and he further said there is doubt about her intelligence and ability.
Eugenie de Silva, who is completing her Master’s in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Legal Studies at Harvard UniversityDivision of Continuing Education at the age of 13.
She is the daughter of Professor Eugene de Silva, who had moved to the UK from Sri Lanka and then moved to the United States, where he teaches physics and chemistry at Walters State Community College.
She can also playing piano and is also good player of football. She has also started her carrier as model. She has also won many educational as well as non educational awards. She said that she wants to become secretary of defence of USA and also want to work with UNO at national and international level.
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