Bad news for men

Ottawa: Experts of Evolutionary Sciences are always in searching of answer either female give priority to sexual organ size of male or not. But now researcher of University of Ottawa, Canada has been probed this mystery that “yes” females do find larger men more attractive.
Penis size
Brian Mautz leader of research committee and his team select 105 women with the age in range of 26. They were allowed to view 53 robots like images of young long men.
Researcher found that women like longer men with long penises than other. But too longer men have decreasing trend. These finding were published in a scientific journal in the United States, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
Women like longer at the larger men. But not too long, each rating was made in about three seconds. But how big is best? On that question, researchers were stopped.
Brian Mautz said, “We did not find most attractive or ideal sexual organ size or height,” but it is confirmed that mostly women like long one.
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