World’s largest Cave “Hang Son Doong”

LONDON: The “Hang Son Doong” cave is undetected beneath the Annamite Mountains situated in central area of Vietnam for millions of years. Australian Photographer Jhon Spices astonished the world by taking inside images of this wonder cave.
Cave Hang Son Doong 1
This cave is as large as it has own its season, river and forest. Australian Photographer Jhon Spices spent a week in 200 miles high, 150 meter wide and 5 kilometre long natural cave. He took photographs of this awesome cave.
The entrance of the cave is quite small and mist caused by the cooler air inside meeting the hot air outside, rises into the surrounding forest. Visitors must descend 80m down a steep wall with the use of ropes. The huge temperature difference also creates moving clouds of mist, which gives the cave its magically surreal atmosphere.
According to John Spices, it is amazing to be 3-4km inside the cave and have daylight illuminate the cave formations.
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