The Oldest and The Most Incredible Trees In The World

Did you know that some trees can live for thousands of years? It sounds incredible but there are a lot of trees on earth which have been growing for a couple of thousand years and they are still doing well. Imagine that there is, for example, a tree which were growing during the period of Roman Empire and it still grows today. Here you will find a list of some of the oldest trees on the Earth, the oldest amongst them is more than 10.000 years old!

1. Pando Tree

pando tree
It is believed that this colony of trees which are actually a part of one organism (they all have same underground root system) is about 80.000 years old! Yes, you read it right, this incredibly massive organism is here for 80 mileniums. Pando tree can be found in Utah, United States.

2. Methuselah

methuselah tree
Methuselah tree is 4841 old tree located in White Mountains, California.

3. Sarv-e-Abarkooh

serv e abarkooh tree
Sarv-e-Abarkooh tree is about 4000 years old. It can be found in the nearby of Abarghood in Iran.

4. Llangernyw Tree

liangernyw yew tree
Llangernyw Tree can be found in the churchyard in the nearby of Abergele and Llanrwst. It is more than 3000 years old.

5. El Tata Alerce Tree

alerce tree
This is ancient El Tata Alerce Tree which is about 3800 years old and it can be found in the nearby of Puerto Montt in Chile.

6. The Senator Tree

senator tree
The Senator tree is located in Big Tree Park near Longwood in Florida. It is considered as the largest Bald Cypress tree in US. It is estimated that this tree is more than 3400 years old.

7. Jmon Sugi

jomon sugi tree
J?mon Sugi tree can be found in Yakushima in Japan. Some scientist say that it is about 2000 years old while others are claiming that it is up to 7000 years old.

8. General Sherman

general sherman tree
This Gian Sequoia is called General Sherman and it is about 2700 years old.

9. Te Matua Ngahere

te matua ngahere tree
Te Matua Ngahere tree is located near Northland Region in New Zealand and it it about 2000 years old.

10. Jardine Juniper

jardine juniper tree
Jardine Juniper tree is about 1500 year old and it can be found in Logan Canyon in Utah.

11. Kongeegen

kongeegen tree
Kongeegen is big oak tree located in Denmark near the Jægerspris town. Its age is estimated to be up to 2000 years.

12. Old Tjikko

old tjikko tree
Old Tjikko is 9550 years old tree located on Fulufjallet Mountain in Sweden. It is the oldest single colonal tree in the world.
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