Extremely Tough Spider Webs

One of human’s biggest fears is definitely spiders, even if a lot of them are small and harmless. Well, that is not the case with the Darwin’s Bark Spider and the web it’s making. It is considered the largest in the world and the most resistant spider web. The funny thing is that the Bark Spider is so tiny, almost 3-4 cm long, but it can built 25 meters long webs that is pretty amazing but somewhat creepy as well. This makes the web the strongest biological material ever, and it is about 10 times stronger than Kevlar.
spiderweb 1
The Bark Spiders and their webs were discovered by scientist Igni Agnarsson from University of Puerto Rico. They are found in Madagascar, usually around rivers and lakes. This is very clever since a lot of big insects spend their time near the water. People have wondered if the webs can trap bats and birds, but it has still not happened. From the toughest spider web to the worst spider bite: take a look at the damage this Hobo Spider from North America can make.
spiderweb 2
spiderweb 3
spiderweb 4
spiderweb 5
spiderweb 6
Photos credit goes to Matjas Kuntner from National Geographic.
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