The Amazing Oasis Of Crescent Lake

It is a known thing that pilgrims and other travelers have traveled down the Silk Road for many many years. It is quite normal to think that they needed someplace to rest while walking for miles in the warm dessert. That is what the Crescent Lake has been for them. It has a oasis that is so beautiful they say it is seductive as a woman.
crescent lake 1
The Crescent Lake oasis is located right before the Gobi dessert, and six kilometers from the city of Dunhuang. The area is today threatened, because the water level has sunk 25 feet and therefore the crops are not as they used to be. More and more people are settling down in Dunhuang, and the ecology is in danger because of human impact.
crescent lake 2
Fortunately they have come up with some strict rules, called the Three Forbids; the first is saying that no wells are allowed, the second that no additional farmland is allowed, and the last that no more people can settle down in the area. Now they hope that the rules can help out the oasis to be great again. Other places that are located in the desert is the spectacular crystal cave under the Mexican Dessert.
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