Huge Spider Webs Around Trees In Pakistan

The flooding in parts of Pakistan has left several traces. Among them is a rather unusual one. If you look at some trees in Pakistan you can see massive webs around them. That is because the spiders had to escape up to the top of the trees when the water surrounded them. They have stayed there since, I guess it’s pretty cool up in the trees, and made some crazy webs that looks like cocoons.
spider web 1
Many people are amazed but I’m creeped out, just imagine the spiders crawling all over the place on those trees laying eggs around. This has of course killed a lot of mosquitoes that gets stuck in the webs, and that decrease the risk of getting malaria, which is really positive, so after all we should thank the spiders. Speaking of spider webs, here are the toughest ones in the world.
spider web 2
spider web 3
spider web 4
spider web 5
spider web 6
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