What are the Most Shocking Anti-Smoking Ads?

Smoking is Murder

Smoking Is Murder

While tight regulation has lead to pretty tame modern cigarette ads, the same regulations don't apply to anti-smoking ads. Those against smoking have taken advantage of this and put out some pretty shocking and disturbing ads over the last several years.
This ad shows a young boy who looks like he is being strangled by a cloud of secondhand smoke, reminding smokers that they aren't only killing themselves with their choices.
Cigarettes oral sex

Cigarettes in Love

Although it's not entirely clear what the point of this ad is, it certainly grabs the attention of anyone who sees it!
Tumor Cigarette

Smoking a Tumor

The picture in this ad shows a person smoking a cigarette with a lumpy tumorous growth right in the middle of it. Doesn't get much more blunt than that!
Girl blowing smoke rings

Smoke Rings

Yet another ad preys upon a parents fears that they may be harming their children with their decision to smoke with the disturbing imagery of a young girl blowing smoke rings instead of bubbles. This time instead of with secondhand smoke, they are arguing that children will mimic the behaviors of their parents.
Smoking and Oral Sex

Smoking and Oral Sex

This French ad caused an uproar when it was released. Most people didn't understand the intended message, which was that cigarettes cause submission, just like oral sex.Get Unhooked 

Get Unhooked

Even though we all know it isn't real, the image of a fishing hook through this guy's cheek is really freaky! I'm not sure how it would make someone want to quit smoking, though. Seems like it would just make you want to look away from the ad as fast as possible!
Smoking and clowns

Smoking Vs Clowns

I'm not sure the way to keep kids from smoking is to scare the crap out of them with creepy clowns and thoughts of their parents dying!
Smoking Baby

Smoking Baby

This might be the most disturbing image of secondhand smoke yet
Coffin Cigarette Boxes

Coffin Boxes

I bet if cigarette boxes actually looked like this, people might stop and think before they bought their cigarettes!
Mouth with Cigarettes

Smokey Kiss

Pucker up and kiss a mouth full of cigarettes! No thanks...
Smoking Tailpipe

Smoking Tailpipe

This anti-smoking ad is just plain hilarious and sadly not too far off from the amount of chemicals a smoker is exhaling, considering what is found in a cigarette.
Shaving Stoma

Shaving Tips

Just when we thought it was gross enough to see people smoke out of a stoma or talk out of one, we get an ad warning us not to cut it while shaving. Thanks!
Smoking is Suicide

Smoking is Suicide

These two ads depict graphic images of smoke turning into methods of suicide in a not too subtle message that you may as well be killing yourself if you decide to smoke.
Cigarette Burger

Cigarette Burger

And the award for the world's grossest burger goes to...
Limp Cigarette

Limp Cigarette

I guess they figured if you don't care about your life or the lives of those around you, you still might care about whether you can have sex or not!
Cigarette Vs Bullet

Cigarette Vs Bullet

This highly controversial ad seems to proclaim that dying by a bullet is preferable to dying by smoking because at least it's a quick death. As shocking as the message is, they have a point.

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