13 Ways To Burn Calories Without Even Sweating

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13. Hot and Cold

Sometimes, you just can't be bothered to do a real workout. You're tired from a hard day at work and you just can't stand the peppy lady on your workout video. You turn it off, and before you know it, you haven't done a workout in two weeks.
Instead of getting annoyed and frustrated, why not try some simple changes in your lifestyle instead? It might sound ridiculous, but you could be dropping some serious pounds if you just stand up!
In the middle of winter, you're practically frozen and sitting there with chattering teeth while saying, "I will not turn on the heat!" This might be overdoing it just a tad, but your body does need to burn calories if the room is too hot or too cold. Those calories definitely rack up over time.
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12. Phone Motion

We know you like your smartphone. We know you like talking in it, playing games with it and even using it while you're on the toilet.
We're not going to tell you to stop using your phone, but here's the catch: stick to that old habit of walking around the house when you're talking on the phone. Playing some Angry Birds or texting your friends? Keep walking, though you should definitely try avoiding obstacles like grandma and the cat on your journey.
Using your electronics on the war against fat for 30 minutes a day can burn a delicious amount of 180 calories!
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11. Cleaning Isn't a Dirty Word

As much as we love cleaning (okay, that's a lie), we didn't even know it counted as physical activity. Yet, here it is, in this list. 
Clean those windows, throw out the garbage and polish the floors for ten minutes per day to burn off 40 troublesome calories!
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10. Walking 101

I know you know how to walk, but just because you know how to walk doesn't mean you really know how to use walking to your advantage.
Walk anywhere and everywhere, meaning you now have to walk to work, school and to the grocery store. It may sound extreme, but I think you can handle it.
You can burn up to 200 to 250 calories an hour by walking instead of driving.

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9. Extra Small Plates Please

Remember mom being all up in your case to finish your food? Well, that lesson stuck with most people, so now you'll find yourself overeating to clean your plate.
It doesn't get any easier than this, but just keep your plates smaller and you'll automatically eat smaller portions of food!
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8. Active Eating!

Sometimes you're going to look weird and embarrass yourself. It's inevitable.
If you're going to look odd anyway, why not burn off some calories while you're at it? Walk around while you eat dinner, go out with your lunch and jog with your breakfast (probably shouldn't do the last one unless you've got a strong stomach).
You'll burn an extra 150 calories if you just walk around with your food for an hour per day!
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7. Standing Ovation

Standing has a bad reputation. "Standing around" seems like it would be a boring thing to do, but you'll find standing has many rewards. Well, one big reward, burning some extra calories.
Standing with your friends instead of sitting with them, or standing to watch some TV can rack up over ten hours of good posture (standing is better for your back and core). An hour of standing amounts to about an extra 50 calories burnt, which means ten hours is a whopping 500 extra calories per week! That's like doing an hour-long workout!
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6. Ice Cold

Remember how your body burns calories when its body tempature drops or rises? You know what's healthy and does that?
Cold showers! Not everyone can handle them, but cold showers have proved to be pretty healthy. From better circulation to a few extra calories burned, what's not to like?
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5. Laugh It Up

Everyone has heard the saying that it takes more work to frown than to smile, but laughter is the real calorie burner.
But laughing has been said to make you a lot healthier, and as a bonus you burn about 50 calories per 15 minutes of laughter!
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4. Get Up Off Your Seat

"What? Now I have to exercise when I'm seated, too?" Not exactly, but sitting down too much is linked to a number of serious health concerns, so try to move around as often as possible.
The calories burnt don't add up to much, but you'll thank us when you see your legs haven't gone numb by the end of the day.
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3. Sitting Up

Try making every chair in your house a stool or backless chair. It might seem a bit weird to work on your computer on a stool, but it not only burns extra calories per hour but it also strengthens you lower back. Some people who suffer from lower back problems might find this tip especially useful!
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2. Move Them Body Parts

Some people might call this twitching (not twerking, definitely not twerking), and it basically just meansmoving around while you're sitting or laying down. For example if you're sitting by your computer, you might start moving your leg up and down. It might sound weird, but you're probably doing it right now without even noticing.
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1. Drink More Often!

Drinking in and of itself doesn't make you lose weight, but it is pretty healthy to always be full on liquid. 
So why is this in the list? Because when you drink a lot of water, you need to go to the bathroom more often to take care of private business. Drink a lot and pick the toilet that's on the second floor, that'll surely rack up at least an extra 50 calories per day!
We also took the liberty of calculating the amount of calories you could burn in a month by applying all the small changes in this gallery.
Per day, even if we round the amount down, you would burn an extra 570 calories.
Per month? That's an insane amount of 17100 calories!

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