What Are the Best Hybrid Vehicles?

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid blue

Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is ranked as one of the best hybrids available and one of the best cars on the market overall. This car gets a steady and reliable 47 mpg, but the engine also cranks out plenty of power when you need it. The Fusion also comes packed with great features, and it has a moderate starting price of $27,200.

2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid red

toyota Avalon Hybrid

If you don't mind spending a bit more cash, the Toyota Avalon Hybrid is one of the most roomy hybrid cars on the market. This car might not be very exciting to drive, but the ride is very smooth and it gets around 40 mpg. The Avalon also comes with a lot of features, which is why it carries a base price of $35,555.
2013 Honda Civic Hybrid teal

Honda Civic Hybrid

The Honda Civic Hybrid is not the most exciting hybrid car available, but it is one of the best to drive. The Civic gets a very respectable 44 mpg and starts at $22,479. This car also offers some excellent safety features.
2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid yellow

Ford C-Max Hybrid

If you're looking for a wagon-style vehicle, then the Ford C-Max Hybrid is your best choice. This new offering from Ford gets an impressive 47 mpg and costs $25,200. The C-Max is also fun to drive -- it has better acceleration and handling than the comparable Toyota Prius v. The only real drawback is the small amount of cargo space.
2013 Toyota Prius red

Toyota Prius

Speaking of the Prius, Toyota's original hybrid is still one of the best. While the newer Prius c and Prius v are solid cars, stick with the original model. This car may not be very powerful, but it gets an amazing 51 mpg in the city and 48 on the highway. The Prius also has plenty of interior space, lots of standard features, and high reliability ratings for a price of $23,215.
Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid black

Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid

When it comes to hybrid trucks, the Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid is about your only choice. This workhorse has 332 horsepower, 367 lb-ft of torque, and a max payload of 1,500 pounds. While the Silverado's 20 city mpg doesn't seem like much for a hybrid, remember that normal trucks only get about 14. This truck does come at a premium price of $41,135.

2013 Lexus ES 300h silver

Lexus ES 300h

If you want a little more luxury in your hybrid car, then try out the Lexus ES 300h. This car isn't quite as nice as other models in the Lexus line, but it still has a comfortable interior and a smooth ride. The hybrid engine pumps out a good amount of power and still manages 36 city/44 highway mpg. The 300h is a bit pricey at $44,017.
Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry Hybrid

The third hybrid car from Toyota to make the list is the Camry Hybrid. This highly rated vehicle has a lot of interior space and a lot of advanced standard features, but that's why the car starts at $26,140. The Camry is just about the perfect family car, although its 43 city/39 highway mpg is a bit lower than some competitors.
2013 Chevrolet Volt silver

Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Volt is an interesting and unique take on the hybrid, as the car actually has a fully electric engine and a gasoline powered generator to extend its range. While in EV mode, it can get 98 mpg-e and while running on gasoline it gets 35 city/40 highway mpg. The Volt is fairly expensive at $39,145, but its the only plug-in vehicle on this list.
2013 Honda CR-Z blue

Honda CR-Z

Many people look past the Honda CR-Z, but other hybrids don't offer the same sporty feeling as this car. The car is a 2-door, 2-seater that's really fun to drive, especially with a rare manual transmission. Unfortunately, the manual only gets 31 city/37 highway mpg and even the CVT only gets 35/39 mpg. The CR-Z starts at a very affordable $19,695.

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