Are These the Cutest Kittens in Boxes Ever?

Three gray kittens playing in a basket

Kittens Love Containers

Kittens are arguably the cutest creatures on the planet, and for whatever reason they all seem to be obsessed with boxes! Let's take a look at some of the most adorable little kitties you've ever seen while they take part in their favorite activity: playing in boxes, baskets, and other containers.
Baby kittens cuddling on a box

Snuggle Time

We love to cuddle! We're pretty young, so we haven't experienced very much, but we're pretty sure cuddling is the best pastime ever!
White haired kitten hanging out of a basket

Kitty in Time Out

Can I get out of here now? Pretty please? I'm bored, and I want to go play. I promise to be good this time!
Kittens escaping from a box

The Great Escape

Quick! The humans aren't looking! Let's make a break for it!
Cat peeking out of a shopping bag

Waiting to Strike

Just like Batman, I must remain vigilant. I will be ready whenever evil passes by this shopping bag. I will take it down with the fury of a thousand kitties!
Kitten peeking out of a box

Wakey Wakey

Is it morning already? It's so bright out here! I think I'll go back to bed. Just five more minutes!
Cat meowing in a trophy

Ruling with an Iron Paw

I am the ruler of this golden chalice, and I decree that from this day forward, all humans will allow us to sharpen our claws anywhere we please!
Gray kitten in a red mailbox

Checking the Mail

I'm here! I've finally arrived! That was quite the long and treacherous journey. Who's ready to party?
Kitten looking at a feathered toy

The Intruder

What in heaven's name is that thing? And why is it in my box? How dare you infiltrate these walls, yellow creature? Begone!
Three white kittens sleeping in a box

All Tuckered Out

Naptime! What do you expect? It took a lot of energy to escape from this box!
Cute kitten sitting in a basket

Professional Model

How do I look? Is this good? Is this the pose you wanted? Should I look at the camera?

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