The 10 highest-paid singers in the world in 2014

Each year, “People” magazines reveal the ranking of the best-paid singers in the world. Each one of them (after investigation and analysis) issues a new list of musicians with a very high income during the last 12 months. Here are the top 10 of the annual list for 2014.

1. Madonna

The American singer nicknamed “Material Girl” is at the top of the list. She gets ahead of her rival Lady Gaga. Indeed, the release of her latest album entitled MDNA proved to be a boon for the star. The Queen of Pop is still shining in the list of the best paid players in the world with 124 million.

2. Lady Gaga

The first rival of Madonna comes to the second rank. This American pop star Lady Gaga comes with a gain of $ 80 million. During her last tour, the star has grossed over $ 160 million, but with a hip injury. If she managed to succeed all of her concerts, she could have won first place.

3. Bon Jovi

In the third place, the famous American rock star Bon Jovi underlines his success with an estimated $ 79 million income for 2013. With his royalties, its advertising partnerships and concerts, the star made ​​a triumphant return to the world of showbiz.

4. Toby Keith

Well-known in the United States, the American country singer Toby Keith returns to the front of the stage. In 2013, he picked up an income of about 65 million dollars.

5. Cold Play

In the next ranking of the best money maker of most “People” magazines comes the British rock band Coldplay. They deserve the fifth place with 64 million dollars for the previous year.
6. Justin Bieber
At 20, the young singer Justin Bieber, apart from being the sexiest male singer of the year, won a place among the top well-paid singers in the world. His arrival at the top among the top 10 is even more spectacular, with an income of $ 58 million.

7. Taylor Swift

Both musician and actress, the young American Taylor Swift takes the seventh place among the highest paid stars. Indeed, her musical career has brought her $ 55 million during 2013.

8. Elton John

The legendary British rock artist Elton John remains unwavering with much success, since his musical career. For the last 12 months, the singer has collected 54 million dollars. He is on the eighth position in the top list.

9. Beyoncé

With several tours in different countries around the world, the Queen Beyoncé continues her triumph in the world of showbiz. Indeed, it is a comeback among the top money maker musicians for the singer, with 53 million in her account.

10. Kenny Chesney

Having almost the same income as Queen Beyoncé, Rock singer Kenny Chesney ends at tenth place of the top. The star approximately earns $ 53 million for the previous year.
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