World’s Biggest Zits Video Collection

There is just something about pimple popping videos that attracts viewers. And we mean hordes of them, as they easily rank among more popular types of clips, especially in that weird part of YouTube.
Since no official biggest zit record exists, we have decided to bring you our own picks on the given subject. Including pimples, blackheads, comedones, cysts and whatnot, all of the videos have one thing in common – they are so gross you can’t stop looking.

Biggest Blackheads in the World

Known as comedones, these mega-blackheads are truly a sight to see. Tens of times bigger and more solid than regular blackheads, they are much more difficult to extract and may even require doctor’s intervention.

Giant Pimple Popping

Not so solid, but equally hideous, this exploding pimple will make you feel you weren’t around when it got popped.

Biggest Blackheads Popped

More classic blackheads, but still an extreme example. This Indian patient seems completely stuffed with blackheads, requiring an intervention from the specialist.

Biggest Cyst Ever

A popular YouTube video with tens of millions of views, showing an extraction a trulygigantic cyst.

Biggest Abscess in the World

Possibly the ugliest video we have here, the clip shows an extraction of a huge abscess, with the patient clearly having various skin issues.

Huge Cyst Extraction

A rather old sebaceous cyst extraction clip showing keratin spraying all over the place.

Biggest Cyst in the World

A monster cyst on the patients back, maybe the biggest one you will ever see.

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