World’s Biggest Kidney Stone

Passing the kidney stone is often considered as one of the most painful experiences one can go through. Releasing a razor-sharp stone from a kidney or bladder can be truly dreadful, but in extreme cases, the stone can grow way bigger and require a surgical intervention.
And that was just the case with Wazir Muhammad, a Pakistani native who has manged to build up an astonishing 21.87-ounce (620 g) kidney stone. Back in 2008, Wazir underwent surgery and had it successfully removed. Apart from getting rid of a life-threatening stone, he also managed to get himself a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest kidney stone ever recorded.
With a weight over a 100 times heavier than an average kidney stone, it was somewhat of a miracle that this giant hadn’t proved lethal to it’s host. Luckily, the story of a world’s biggest kidney stone is all it left behind.
Biggest Kidney Stone
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