Top 10 Most Cleanest Cities In 2014

Do you live in a clean and healthy environment? Now days everybody is thinking about this as our environment is becoming more polluted day by day. Although there is ultimate development in facilities and technology but that doesn’t guaranty a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Water and air pollution have caused a lot of diseases due to which many people die daily. On the other hand, there are still many cities and countries that are still hygienic. Let’s have a look on Top 10 Most Cleanest Cities In 2014. 
10. Curitiba, Brazil
Most Cleanest Cities 2014 -
Having a population of only 1.8 million, Curitiba is the largest and capital city of Parana state of Brazil. It is one of the economic centers of the country which mostly depends on commerce, services and industry and this is the main reason that investors and big multinational companies prefer to open their factories in this city. Being an economic center, it is hard to believe this city to be one of the cleanest cities with 63% clean air.

9. Minneapolis, America
Most Cleanest Cities 2014 - 9. Minneapolis, America
Minneapolis has a population of around 3.8 million and it’s the largest city of Minnesota State. Located on the bank of Mississippi river, this city has a lot of lakes and wetlands and is rich in water which is the main reason it has many parks and big green lands. It is a well-developed city with a major economic opportunity for investors looking in the sector of insurance, technology, graphic arts, commerce and industry. It is also the second cleanest city if United States of America.

8. Oslo, Norway
Most Cleanest Cities 2014 - 8. Oslo, Norway
Oslo is the most populated and capital of Norway and is famous for clean air, open spaces and a luxurious life style. The reason Oslo made it to this list is their extraordinary management and city cleaning strategies. They use amazing new ways to collect and dump their domestic waste such as there are no landfill sites and they use their whole garbage to produce electricity on cheap rates. Moreover, along with some sponsors the city waste management company celebrates a cleaning day on which people clean their surrounding areas to have healthy and safe environment.

7. Freiburg, Germany
7. Freiburg, Germany - most cleanest cities
Freiburg is rich in evergreen trees, green hills, flowers and the entire natural habitat which helps to provide an Eco-friendly environment. The quality of air and water here is 87.4% and 51% respectively and most importantly people and government are playing important role in keeping this city hygienic and healthy. There are several seminars in different schools and colleges to spread awareness about how to make their city clean.

6. Melbourne, Australia
Most Cleanest Cities 2014 - 6. Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne is the second highly populated city of Australia with beautiful scenery and landscape. The quality of drinking water here is 84.8%, quality of air is 83.5% and quality of life is 86%. It is a prominent financial and economical center with a high standard of living. It’s an attractive place which is well organized by the government and their efforts are appreciable due to which several tourist visits this every month. It was also listed as one of the most livable cities of the world back in 2013.

5. Helsinki, Finland
Top 10 Most Cleanest Cities In 2014
If you want a perfect environment and weather for a healthy and luxurious living lifestyle, than Helsinki is the best choice you could make as it is famous for its cleanliness. It is the capital of Finland and contains some remarkably good educational institutions along with comfort of living. It is also famous for its tourist resorts and there are many tourist attractions out there.

4. Bern, Switzerland
Most Cleanest Cities 2014 - 4. Bern, Switzerland
Switzerland is the World’s cleanest country and it is of no surprise that Bern is on this list of cleanest cities. Switzerland’s government is famous for its resilient rules regarding the clean and hygienic environment. They can do everything possible to eradicate debris. Bern is the capital of Switzerland with 100% good quality of drinking water. The people of Bern are also highly concerned about the environment and do their part in making it more Eco-friendly.

3. Honolulu, Hawaii
Most Cleanest Cities 2014 - 3. Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu is situated in Hawaii State of United States of America and is the capital of Hawaii state. It is a wonderful city with mesmerizing views and greenery everywhere. It is blessed with pure air and a constant wind blow along with rainfall adds to the beauty and hygienic atmosphere of the city. Along with government, the people also play a vital role in keeping this city clean and green. Not surprisingly it has a 100% pure drinking water and 90% good quality of air. Honolulu attracts a lot of tourists from around the world and tourism industry here plays a major part for economy of Hawaii.

2. Calgary, Canada
Most Cleanest Cities 2014 - 2. Calgary, Canada
Calgary is a city in the province of Alberta, Canada and is a major oil and gas center of Canada. The steps taken by government are appreciable and it has used a lot of money for maintaining a clean environment. They have installed a water purifying plant which can purify about 1 trillion liters of water a day. Furthermore, they use all the waste material as a renewable energy source and that’s why there are no or very less landfills in the city. They also promote eco-friendly and sanitation programs and have attained sparking rivers and open green parks. It has a 88% of clean air and 95% of pure drinking water.

1. Ifrane, Morocco
World's most cleanest city, . Ifrane, Morocco
Ifrane is the most cleanest city of 2014 with not even a single carbon ejecting industry which pollutes water and air very badly. It has 100% of clean water, air and quality of life which is the basic reason that many tourists come here. It has the world’s largest cedar plantation situated in the national park.
Ifrane has a strange climate that turns pleasant in summers and also help Ifrane serve as a ski resort in winters. Although a lot of tourist come here but you will always find this city clean which due to the efforts made by government but more by the citizens of Ifrane. 
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