Top 10 Best Restaurants In Los Angeles

Today we all are living in an overloaded and busy routine life where no one find enough time to cook or prepare a delicious meals. So people like to go and dine in restaurants. Trend of restaurants is increasing day by day.  Restaurants are not only serves food, but also a place where we can arrange a meeting, a date or a formal gathering. People prefer to choose a restaurant for its taste, comfortable environment and a welcoming service. If any of these qualities is missing than your success rate would be affected. Are you looking for the perfect place for lunch or dinner? Now you need not to search more as here we have made a list of Top 10 best restaurants in Los Angeles, now you can easily choose and enjoy your favorite food at the best place in Los Angeles.

10. The Stinking Rose
Best Restaurants In Los Angeles -
Cuisine: Italian
Site/location: Beverly Hills & Westside
This is a garlic heaven, where you find the best garlic flavor and the variety of different garlic items. You will really feel different in this amazing and perfect place. The Stinking Rose is for all those who want to eat with a unique experience. The food quality and the theme of the restaurant are perfectly flavorful and refreshing. If you love garlic then you must not waste a minute and visit this delicious place.

9. Toscana
Best Restaurants In Los Angeles - 9. Toscana
Cuisine: Italian
Site / location: Beverly Hills & Westside
Toscana serves you with real good taste of northern Italian dishes.  The environment is cozy with a rustic décor. It is also one of the best restaurant in los Angeles where you find the excellent taste with the welcoming service.

8. Ca Del Sole
Best Restaurants In Los Angeles - 8. Ca Del Sole
Cuisine: Italian
Site/location: San Fernando Valley
It would not be wrong to call “Ca’ del Sole” is the gem of Los Angeles restaurants. It has pleasant exterior designed with natural greenery and flowers with aesthetic beauty. The night outside this rich place presents a glowing picture of little white lights and the growing vines along the walls and porticoes.  So before entering this place you find a refreshing treat. The interior is also amazingly designed and the combination of delicious food adds more beauty to this place.

7. Cicada
7. Cicada
Cuisine: Italian
Site/location: Central / Downtown LA
This place is paced throughout the week as businesspeople and tourists visit this restaurant frequently and people regularly celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries in this beautiful place. Especially weddings and special events are arranged on Saturdays and Sunday nights are popular for second-story bar and Cicada Club. The grand entrance of the place is really very interesting, including women with flowing hair riding dogs. The quality food with the magnificent interior makes a perfect combination and shows your taste.

6. The Palm – West Hollywood
Best Restaurants In Los Angeles - 6. The Palm - West Hollywood
Cuisine: Steak
Site/location: Central / Downtown LA
If you are looking for something classic to celebrate your special event then, The Palm is the best choice. It is not only about the dedicated service or the trendy looks; The Palm has its own charm its own class. Its excellent and original taste makes you feel really energized. Its menu is divided into several small portions like appetizer, salads, vegetable and potatoes, house specialties and Italian specialties. It also offers you the seasonal menu which has the fresh and local ingredients of every season.  So this lively place gives you a classy treat with a humble manner.

5. Spark Woodfire Grill – Studio City
Best Restaurants In Los Angeles - 5. Spark Woodfire Grill - Studio City
Cuisine: Steak
Site/location: San Fernando Valley
Another great place to visit and dine is Spark Woodfire Grill, where you can a view a kitchen, white-coated with black-hatted chefs busy in serving you. An outstanding designed restaurant with all the qualities you want.

4. Spaghettini
Best Restaurants In Los Angeles - 4. Spaghettini
Cuisine: Italian
Site/location: Orange County
You will never forget this exciting and delicious place if you once try its taste, especially the White Chocolate Cheesecake. Spaghettini Grill serves  modern and classic Northern Italian cuisine with best ever taste If you go for a lunch then you must try the homemade marinara,  Berkshire Pork lasagna, reggiano, and whole milk ricotta.

3. A.O.C.
Best Restaurants In Los Angeles - 3. A.O.C.
Cuisine: California
Site/location: Central / Downtown LA
If you want to give a treat to you your taste buds then A.O.C. will serve you the best with a unique dining experience. Diners have the variety of food with the excellent quality ranging f traditional wine bar to the delicious fried chicken. Its attractive exterior design includes the tall, rectangular windows that present the classy appearance while entering the place.

2. Tengu – Westwood Village
Best Restaurants In Los Angeles - 2. Tengu - Westwood Village
Cuisine: Sushi
Site/location: Beverly Hills & Westside
If you are sushi lover then this place is highly recommended. This place will surely make your day. As it provides you with everything you want for your dinner or lunch. Its lounge is very energizing and the dining room is also perfectly designed. Excellent and tasty food, Pineapple sake is the most wanted drinks of this place. You must visit this refreshing restaurant to make you Sunday as more entertaining and flavorful.

1. Cafe La Boheme
Best Restaurant In Los Angeles - 1. Cafe La Boheme
Cuisine: American
Site/location: Central / Downtown LA
The top best restaurant of Los Angeles gives you a irreplaceable service, polite waiters and a warm welcome. Its superb food taste is matchless especially the blending and fusion of Japanese and French cuisine serves you with a unique and pleasant experience. Its impressive menu choices also follow the Asian and French traditions.
The appetizers included Steamed Chicken-Mushroom Dumplings and colorful arrangement of orange carrot and green watercress. Its menu also included natural juices and crunch of the vegetables. It has a couple dozen wines in its list. La Bohème is actually a team of professionals who feel pride to serve you and work selflessly to maintain the status of their place.
Its interior design is also magnificent and highly creative as there are semi-private booths downstairs and rock star booths upstairs that are surrounded by attractive view of crystal chandeliers and a fireplace. This is truly a superb and number one restaurant of LA - See more at:
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