List Of World’s Top 10 Gas Producing Countries

Natural gas is a form of energy. It is equally important as oil and electricity and plays the key role in meeting the needs of country in the future. Natural gas is the fossil fuel that is not found in every region but wherever it is found it is always abundant. This is the cleanest burning fossil fuel that is used in every house for heating and cooking purposes and in many industries to generate heat and steam for many of the manufacturing processes. Natural gas is also used as a raw material in fertilizers and petrochemicals. It is used as a fuel in cars and buses in many countries as well. In the electricity sector it is the most reliable and cost effective way of production of electricity. Natural gas is a biggest benefited to country’s economy. Here is a list of world’s Top 10 gas producing countries that along with producing electricity is also consuming and exporting (not all) it.
10. Netherlands
Annual production (estimated): 80,780,000,000 cubic meters
In European Union Netherlands is the biggest producer as well as exporter of natural gas. The Government wants it to be the gas roundabout (interchange) between North and West Europe. It is the most prominent and important sector in the country’s economy. The energy consumption is mostly based on the natural gas. There are number of small underground reserves of gas. Netherlands is expected to be on the same position for next 10 years as well. The interchange project is expected to increase the production, trade, export, storage and transit in the country.

9. Algeria
Top 10 Gas Producing Countries -
Annual production (estimated): 82,760,000,000 cubic meters
It is the largest natural gas producer in Africa. This country is never out of the list as it has the third largest natural shale gas resources. It is the second largest supplier of natural gas to Europe. Along with natural gas it is also a biggest producer of oil. In 2013 the export revenues of the country were raised to $194 billion. There is a downfall in the production of natural gas and oil because the projects of production and infrastructure had been delayed continuously. The country depends on its own natural gas for all the domestic and industrial purposes.

8. Saudi Arabia
Annual production (estimated): 103,200,000,000 cubic meters
Saudi Arabia is the largest producer and consumer of natural gas in the world. There are 240 trillion cubic feet reserves of natural gas in Saudi Arabia. The gas production is directly related to the production of oil. The production of gas is limited but still it is one of the largest producers besides having the fifth largest gas reserves in the world. It is used domestically as well as in energy production.

7. China
Annual production (estimated): 107,200,000,000 cubic meters
China has the world largest reserves of the recoverable shale gas in the world. 1115 trillion cubic feet is the estimated amount. Along with USA and Canada, China is also producing the shale gas on the commercial level. Natural gas consumption is greater than its production, China needed to import the natural gas few years back so the government focused on the shale gas so that there is no need of importing. Natural gas as well as shale gas is used for variety of purposes in China.

6. Norway
Top 10 Gas Producing Countries -
Annual production (estimated): 114,700,000,000 cubic meters
Norway is said to be the third largest exporter of natural gas in the world. It has always been occupying the top place in the list of oil and gas production. Norway’s gas production rate is 16% more than its consumption rate. This leads to the economic stability of the country. The gas being produced is properly delivered and consumed in all the sectors.

5. Qatar
Top 10 Gas Producing Countries - 5. Qatar
Annual production (estimated): 133,200,000,000 cubic meters
Qatar is one of the countries with world’s greatest natural gas reserves. Along with it the production rate is quite high. It is the richest state of its region as the area of the region having gas reserved is almost equal to size of the country. It is the biggest exporter of natural gas to other countries. Consumption rate is less than half the production rate.

4. Canada
4. Canada
Annual production (estimated): 143,100,000,000cubic meters
Canada is world’s richest country in production of natural gas and electricity. The country have huge amount of natural gas resources and it is utilizing it in an economical way. The government focuses on the progress and development of the country by using the resources. The consumption rate is half of the production rate in Canada. It is also the exporter of natural gas to other countries.

3. Iran
Top 10 Gas Producing Countries - 3. Iran
Annual production (estimated): 162,600,000,000 cubic meters
Canada and Iran have been switching their positions in the ranking lists for many years. It is among the top three exporters of natural gas in the world. Iran has the natural reserves of gas in huge amount. It is producing and consuming the natural gas in almost equal amount. There are gas powered cars on the roads of Iran. Natural gas is used for domestic and industrial purposes. Pakistan and India import natural gas from their neighbor country.

2. Russia
Top 10 Gas Producing Countries  - 2. Russia
Annual production (estimated): 669,700,000,000 cubic meters
Russia is the largest producer and exporter of gas in the world. European Union consume three times the gas it produces, Russia is among those countries who supply them quarter of their need. Russia produces double the amount of gas than they need. There are many industries which depend on natural gas. It is also use gas for domestic and commercial purposes.

1. United States
Top 10 Gas Producing Countries - 1. United States
Annual production (estimated): 681,400,000,000 cubic meters
United States is the largest producer of gas in the world. It is the world’s most successful nation in every respect fulfilling its needs itself. The natural gas is used abundantly in all the sectors whether it’s residential, industrial or commercial. The automobile industry is largely depending on gas in United States.
There are enormous reserves of natural gas in United States as well. The gas is being used in the production of cheapest electricity. China may exceed in the production of gas in upcoming years. 
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