7 Tips That May Save Your Life

We are 100% sure that nothing wrong is never going to happen personally with us or with our close friend and relatives.
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We think that we will never be an accident witness and, of course, won’t get into it, that we will never get lost in the woods, suffer a heart attack and occur in water being inside a car.
But the reality is that absolutely everything can happen, and that’s why it is better to be ready.
Here is a list of the simpliest pieces of advice as to the actions in the troubles.
How to help another person, when there is a huge crowd around
Bystander effect is a rule that says that the more bystanders and witnesses around, the less likely somebody will really help. The matter is everyone will always hope for another. What to do in the following situation?
Start acting immediately. Identify the person who will help you. You probably will not know his or her name, so select him or her from the crowd and describe, saying, for example, the following:
– You, in the red T-shirt and shorts, please come to me and help me to keep / to bandage / to bring this victim away.
Crowd 7 Tips That May Save Your Life
Your goal is to make people more responsible, otherwise they will be just standing there and stare at the person in trouble.
How to deal with suspicious taxi driver
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First of all, before getting into a taxi, always memorize the car number.If you see that the taxi driver behaves suspiciously, call any relative or mate (or pretend the calling), and in the course of the conversation (or the fictional call) tell the person that you have been already in a taxi and then tell the car number.
What to do if you choked
If you choked and can not breathe, get up immediately, lie to your knees and hands. After that suddenly throw your hands forward and fall onto the chest and abdomen. Of course, it is pretty unpleasant action, but you have to do it, if you want to save your life.
ocare choke 7 Tips That May Save Your Life
If you get lost in the woods
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In the forest, and in any unfamiliar area people can go walking downstream of any source or river where usually there is a settlement, a bridge or a road.
Heart attack
If you feel a sharp pain in the heart, you have to do something before the ambulance arrival and the pills taking, – breathe as deeply as you can. It will help to pump blood from heart.
If you fell into the water being in the car
If you are waiting until the auto immerses, your chances of survival are significantly low.So fasten the straps as soon as possible, open the windows and get out of it. If you are overcoming the water barrier, being in a car, unblock the straps and open the windows in advance.
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