6 Bizarre Ways People Have Died

Soup Injection – Two years ago, a 88-year-old Brazilian woman was at the hospital and one of the nurses managed to inject soup into her vain, instead of woman’s feeding tube. Her family sued the hospital, because the autopsy showed the mistaken injection was the most likely cause of her death.
Exploding Bubblegum – A 25-year-old chemistry student by the name of Vladimir Likhonos really enjoyed chewing bubblegum, but he didn’t like the taste so he, started dipping his gum into citric acid to give it more bitter taste. One day he mistakenly dipped it in gun powder instead and ended up blowing off his jaw. Unfortunately, paramedics couldn’t save him.
Planking – We’ve all seen at least a few examples of the internet sensation called “planking.” It was extremely popular due to it being unusual and funny at the same time, but unfortunately it didn’t end well for a 20-year-old Austrlian who tried to plank the 7th floor balcony railing and fell to this death while doing so.
carrot juice
Carrot Juice Overdose – Juice cleanses are really popular ways to lose weight these days, but some people take them too far. Basil Brown, a 48-year-old man from England, chose to go on a carrot juice diet. He drank 10 gallons of carrot juice in just 10 days, which contained 10,000 of the recommended Vitamin A amount, which led to liver failure and, eventually, death.
Chocking on a Cockroach – We all hate these annoying little pests, but there are simpler ways to get rid of them than eating them. Yup, this is exactly what the Fear Factor contestant Edward Archbold did. After eating dozens of cockroaches and winning the competition, he started vomiting, collapsed and died a bit later. The reason – cockroach parts were blocking his airway
water bottle
Water Intoxication – Yes, our bodies consist mostly of water, but that doesn’t mean we should drink too much liquid. Jennifer Strange signed up for a contest run by a radio station called “hold your pee for the Wii.” It required that contestants continuously drink water without going to the bathroom for as long as possible. She took it a little too far, which led to her death. Her family sued the radio station and was awarded with a $16.5 million settlement.

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