Top 10 Failed Sweets and Candy Names

When pushing the boat out and trying new candy and sweets, the chances are the packaging and name of the product is the biggest influence if you go ahead with a purchase.
With that being said, here is a list of ten sweets, candies and chocolates where the companies should have gave more thought naming their candy and sweets before releasing their products with the following names.
Then again, who wouldn’t want a box of “Ayds” or a “Sucette Rape” lolly?

10. Nut Kiss

“Hey, Honey! Here’s some nuts that you forgot to kiss!”

9. Sweet Tarts

Tarts are always fun. But nothing beats a sweet tart.

8. Nips

candy-fails- 9
Anyone for some sugar-free Nips? With only 30 calories per nip, we think we’ll take two, please.

7. Collon

Mmmmmm, nothing like a Hello Kitty collon to start off the day.

6. Negro

candy-fails- 7
“Hello there, Sir! May we trouble you for a “Negro?””

5. Golden Gaytime

candy-fails- 10
“But, Boss, there’s nothing wrong with the name “Golden Gaytime.” I bet we’ll sell out within the first week” *sniggers*.

4. Ayds

candy-fails- 8
A box of “Ayds” is the prefect Valentine present to buy that special person in your life.

3. Sucette Rape

We’ve had some lollies in our time but nothing can beat the sour taste of a “rape lolly”.

2. Candy Queer

If ever there existed a better present that you could buy your younger brother. “Hey, Mike, take your younger brother down the shops to buy some sweet will you.” *pulls troll face* “Okay, Mum!”

1. Pufidik

How about a case of the “pufidik”? We feel something was lost in translation.
We feel this opens the gate for chocolate and candy companies to be more adventurous when naming new products. Pssh! Who wants a plain Snickers or Mars bar now when you could have a Golden Gaytime?
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