The Best Ten Things a Billionaire Can Buy

Imagine that you are a billionaire, what would you buy? You might think a nice house or a wardrobe of clothes, but we want to get you thinking of things that are more imaginative. Maybe things that you would never have imagined even existed because you have never had the money to be able to afford them. Just think of the most expensive thing you could imagine and then scan this list. You may find that you just cannot believe how much people are prepared to pay for things. But don’t get any ideas, you have to be one of the super rich to afford these items.

$600,000 Chess Set

expensive chess set
Why? I hear you cry. Well, why not?! If you had that much money why not splash out and buy this chess set. It does not matter if you can play or not, you can still enjoy the beauty of the black and white diamonds which encrust the pieces and the board, totalling 320 carats. There were only seven of these chess sets ever made, perhaps you would like to be one of the seven people in the world that own one. Having one of those next to the telly would certainly impress your friends!

Two Million Pound Model car

gold bugatti vayron
Yes, that’s right two million pounds, for a model of a car. It is ten inches big and made with 24 carat gold, platinum and a diamond and it is a Bugatti Veyron Diamond. It is twice the price of the actual car but for that you do get functional steering and a detailed engine but no information on how you can shrink to get small enough to actually drive it. Just for looking at and playing with I guess.
Via Autoblog.

£1,689 Headphones

crystal headphones
These seem very cheap compared to the last two items, but seriously, this much for headphones. These are Dr Dre Beats and they are encrusted with Swarovski crystals and gold plated. The crystals are laid out to make a great pattern too, just in case you were worried that they may not be a cool fashion accessory.

$2.97 Million Cell Phone

most expensive iphone
Maybe the headphones were just a bit too cheap for a billionaire, so how about a $2.97 million phone. Of course, it is the iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose by Stuart Hughes, just make sure you don’t drop it down the loo!

$15 Million Wristwatch

diamon wristwatch
Time to start really spending some money now – how about a Chopard watch for £15 million. Of course it comes with a shed load of diamonds – 201 carats to be exact. You will also have the pleasure of knowing that you own the world’s most expensive watch. Let’s just hope that you are not blinded by all those diamonds when you are trying to check the time.

$140 Million Painting

moset expensive painting
You can enjoy the skills of modern artist Jackson Pollock for a mere £140 million pounds. Do not let the fact that it just looks like a few blobs of paint on an enormous canvas worry you, surely the price alone tells you that it must be fantastic….!
Via TheArtWolf.

$8,000 Feather

If you have eight thousand dollars and fancy spending it, then you could pick up a single feather from the extinct Hula bird from auction at $8,000. The brown feather with a white tip, may not be stunningly beautiful but you will be one of the few people in the world to own one.

$16 Million Domain Name

expensive domains
If you are not interested in looking at something pretty, then maybe you want to make an investment, the domain name is worth $16 million. There has to be some investment potential there that is worth paying for and you will not even have to have a piece of sparkly tat or an ugly painting to look at as a result of spending the money!

£90 Omelette

expensive omelette
This might not sound that extravagant – an omelette costing just £90. Imagine you are 40 years old and you have one for lunch each month until you are 80 that will cost £43,000, or one a week will cost £187,000 and one a day will cost over one million pounds. Does it sound a bit more extravagant now?
Via Eater.

£390 Million House

villa la leopolda
Everyone needs somewhere to live, so how about the most expensive house in the world. You can get a villa on the French Mediterranean for £390 million. It is not any ordinary villa of course but has 20 acres of garden and was built originally for King Leopold II ofBelgium, it is more of a palace than a villa.
So if you would like to buy one of these then you had better start saving up! Well saving will not cut it of course, you will have to startinvesting really wisely to make sure that you can start earning big money. Putting a few pound s in the piggy bank each week might pay for a gulls egg omelette every year but to really live the high life you will need to do more than that. There are good and bad ways to invest, so why not take a look at for some ideas, then you might be able to start drawing up a wish list of 10 things you want to buy and then actually start ticking them off. Imagine that, you could soon have a jewellery box full of shiny sparkly things, the latest pretty gadgets and own items no one else has!
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