Russian Prisoners Life Style In 1891

When old photos are shown in sepia style, which was the only way to color the photos back then, it almost always look like taken from a horror movie. Maybe it’s because we have seen too many old sepia photos in scary movies nowadays, or it just was a lot of horrible things happening then because of lack of knowledge they always did some creepy things. And I bet that half of these prisoners are not guilty but still sentenced to death.
vintage prisoners 1
At the border of China and Russia in the far east there were this prison that photographer Aleksey Kuznetsov went to and took some photos in year 1891. The prison is located in Nerchinsk, and on the photos you can see how the prisoners lived.
vintage prisoners 2
There are even a female prisoner which you may thought they didn’t have. They worked all day, and when it was time to rest they got cuffed in heavy chains and got some very thing pillows to sleep on.
vintage prisoners 3
Not comfortable at all. Kuznetsov also photographed one of the prison executors. Scary and old-fashioned. If you would like to see more you can take a look at a creepy abandoned Russian prison, and see how it looks today.
vintage prisoners 4
vintage prisoners 5
vintage prisoners 6
vintage prisoners 7
vintage prisoners 8
vintage prisoners 9
vintage prisoners 10
vintage prisoners 11
vintage prisoners 12
vintage prisoners 13
vintage prisoners 14
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