1). MakerBot Replicator 2
MakerBot Replicator 2 was launch in September 2012. In which the dual extruder option was dropped but all the remaining function like LCD display, upgraded electronics and game are similar as original Replicator. The Replicator 2 can only print PLA Plastic materials and will not work with ABS due to different melting point. It has 100 micron layer resolution. 

MakerBot Replicator 2
Source : 3dprinterplans
MakerBot Replicator 2
Source : uncrate
2). Cubify Cube
The 3D system was founded in 1986 in Valencia, California. The Cubify Cube 3D Printer price $ 1299 with plastic cartridge available in ten colors. The Cubify Cube printer is 14 by 14 by 18 inches and weight approximately 9 pounds. Many types of features are available to make 3D Prints in which precise parts with sophisticated 3D modeling tools, interlocking and articulated designs.
Cubify Cube
Source : wordlesstech

3). Hyrel E2 HobbyistHyrel E2 Hobbyist is support up to four extruders so at one time you can print multiple copies of objects. It has a large build area and print polylactic acid with one extruder head. All Hyrel 3D print come standard with precision linear slide rails. Hyrel E2 contain powerful 150+ Mhz ARM Processor, Micro stepping motor drivers, universal 650 watt power supply and Dual Canbus. It have also motion control technology firmware with smooth moves.
Hyrel E2 HobbyistSource : hyrel3d
4). Printrbot Simple Maker
Printrbot simple – This is an 3D printer with great body structure and mechanism. It holds feature like Aluminum Z Axis Coupler, improved rigidity, aluminum extruder etc. it is a low weight machine which can print very clear pictures on 3D technology. It weighs at 9.3 lbs and print resolution is 0.1 mm. It is created by book drum and originally funded through Kickstarter.
Printrbot Simple Maker
Source : 3dprint
5). RoboX 3D Printer
RoboX 3D Printer is one of the highest print resolutions of any FFF Printer. In RoboX 3D includes dual nozzle system. It cannot require programming for different materials. The frame and motion system are extremely rigid and accurately positioned.
RoboX 3D Printer
Source : kickstarter

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