10 Most Expensive Celebrity Body Part Insurances

Most Expensive Insurance Finger
10. Keith Richard’s middle finger – $1.6 million - Rolling Stones icon gets to kick off our list of most expensive insurances like a true boss – with his middle finger. Mr. Keith made sure to have it safely insured for $1.6 million.
Most Expensive Insurance Legs
9. Heidi Klum’s legs – $2.2 million - A solid portion of Heidi Klum’s charm comes from her long legs, so it should come as no surprise that the renowned model had them insured for an impressive $2.2 million figure.
Most Expensive Insurance Tina Turner
8. Tina Turner’s legs – $3.2 million - Still in the legs domain, the one and only Tina Turner raises Heidi’s bar for an entire million.
Most Expensive Breast Insurance
7. Dolly Parton’s breasts – $3.8 million - If something was to happen to country legend Dolly Parton’s silicone assets, she can always rely on a whopping $3.8 million insurance.
Voice Insurance Bruce Springsteen
6. Bruce Springsteen’s voice – $6 million - Taking a detour from the superficial parts, the Boss had one of his most crucial aspects – his voice – insured for $6 million.
Most Expensive Insurance Smile
5. America Ferrera’s smile – $10 million - “Ugly Betty” star America Ferrera didn’t exactly get to expose her smile in the famous series too much, at least not without those braces, but she still made sure to insure it for $10 million.
Most Expensive Voice Insurance
4. Rod Stewart’s voice – $15.5 million - Does this mean that Mr. Stewart’s voice is more valuable than Mr. Springsteen’s? Probably not, but Rod takes the voice insurance crown with a gigantic $15.5 million figure.
Most Expensive Insurance Butt
3. Jennifer Lopez’s butt – $27 million - She’s a singer, so she must have insured her voice, right? Well, not really, but Jenny from the Block made sure to insure her rear end for $27 million, just in case.
David Beckham Leg Insurance
2. David Beckham’s legs – $70 million - Bringing us closer to the most expensive celebrity insurance ever, David Beckham’s legs are insured for $70 million. Not a bad investment, right?
Most Expensive Insurance
1. Mariah Carey’s butt – $1 billion - That’s right, Mariah Carrey’s butt can be ranked among the world’s 1,226 billionaires! It’s also the most expensive celebrity insurance of all time.

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