Top 5 physically modified people

Originally intended as a short post about one of the choices below, it quickly became clear that there are some extraordinary human beings intent on changing their appearance permanently for reasons that will forever baffle most people. whether you agree with it or not, you can’t deny the fact that it’s a fascinating way of life.
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1. leopard man

top 10 physically modified people24 Top 10 physically modified people
Whether he’s mad or not, 67yr old tom leppard seems extremely happy living in a hand-built home on the isle of skye, 99% of his body tattooed with leopard print. he spends his days reading, scampering about the place on all fours like a leopard and staying away from the hustle and bustle of modern society. for a man who looks like john locke after an intense mud fight he actually seems pretty pleasant…

2. Etienne Dumont

top 10 physically modified people18 Top 10 physically modified people
Etienne Dumont is an art & culture critic for a newspaper in geneva who just happens to be covered head to toe in some of the most vibrant tattoos i’ve ever seen. he also has silicon implants under the skin which give the horned appearance, 2.7 inch rings in each earlobe and plexiglass piercings through the nose and under his bottom lip. the best part has to be the blue rimmed glasses though, a perfect addition to an incredible look.

3. Rick Genest

top 10 physically modified people22 Top 10 physically modified people
Would you let your daughter marry Rick Genest? i’m sure he’s probably a lovely chap but that’s without doubt the scariest human head i will ever see in my lifetime. there isn’t much information about mr genest himself on the internet (would you approach him for an interview?) but we do know the tattoo was crafted by the chaps at ‘derm fx tattoo‘ in montreal. job well done guys.

4. the illustrated lady

top 10 physically modified people16 Top 10 physically modified people
Julia Gnuse (aka the illustrated lady) was born with a condition called porphyria which causes her skin to blister regularly and ultimately scar. in order to cover this up she started getting tattoos applied over the affected areas – after 10 years she was covered in the bastards and is now the most tattooed woman in the world.

5. Elaine Davidson

top 10 physically modified people2 Top 10 physically modified people
In total, brazilian Elaine Davidson has a number of tattoos and over 2500 piercings on her body, both internally and externally, approximately 500 just around the genitals. the total extra weight she carries due to this obsession comes to around 3kg and she is thankfully the most pierced person in the world. now living in edinburgh she claims to be too scared to go home to brazil due to the attention she’d attract possibly resulting in some kind of attack.

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