Sand can increase your battery life three times more

Scientists of California University and Bourns College of Engineering have created a way to increase life span ofTablets and Smartphone’s batteries. This technology is low cost, non-toxic and environment-friendly way to increase battery life three fold. It’s all about sand.
Increase battery level
According to report published in Journal ‘Natural Scientific Report’ team of scientists has used sand instead of graphite for anode. This experiment is done with huge quantity of quartz present in sand.
After collecting sand which is rich of quartz adding other ingredients, like ground salt and magnesium, the mixture washeated till pure silicon obtained. That silicon also proved to be very porous, is the key to increase batteries life.

It is hope that this new solution of increasing life span of batteries would be cheaper to produce and it is not to mention that either it would be non-toxic and environmentally-friendly.
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