Optical Illusions That Will Break Your Brain

spiral concentric circles optical illusion migraine symptoms

To Spiral or Not to Spiral

It's not a spiral -- really! The concentric circles just make you think that. Try moving your mouse around one of the circles to prove it. Hopefully you won't feel too dizzy!
Perhaps the rest of these other optical illusions won't fool you so easily!
count black dots optical illusion math tutor

Scintillating Grid

How may black dots do you see in the intersections of the grid above? Who would have thought such a simple task would be so tricky!
Opical illusion photo

Heads Up

Can you tell who's head belongs on which body in this confusing optical illusion?

green blue polka dots optical illusion vision insurance

Polka Dots in Motion

The dots won't stop moving!
ebbinghaus illusion orange circle size online colleges

Ebbinghaus Illusion

Which orange circle is bigger? If you said neither.. you'd be right! These 2 orange circles are the exact same size.
Business hallway optical illusion painting

Hallway Rings

You might not believe it, but this two pictures of the same hallway taken at different angles. This probably took a lot of work to pull off, but the effect is amazing!
man mermaid sea optical illusion art institute


Is this a drawing of a man, or mermaid, or what?
prong rectangle blivet optical illusion buy glasses online


This optical illusion could drive you crazy! Three circular prongs become two rectangular prongs. That's impossible!
caterpillar birds branch optical illusion african safari

A Tweeting Caterpillar

Cute caterpillar... or is it?
focus center dot optical illusion eye doctors

Focus on the Dot

Got your eyes on the center dot? Now, move your head forwards and backwards!
salvador dali old couple optical illusion poster printing

Salvador Dali

Take a moment to absorb all the hidden details in this Salvador Dali painting!
soccer players hand optical illusion world cup tickets

Soccer Players

At first glance this looks like 2 soccer players battling it out for possession of the ball -- but what's really going on here?
duck bunny rabbit optical illusion eye exam

Which Animal Do You See?

If you see 2 animals, which one did you notice first -- the duck or the rabbit? How long did it take you to spot the other one?
red white black lines optical illusion online colleges

Bezold Effect

This optical illusion is named after a German meterology professor. He found out that colors look different depending on which color surrounds them. So here, the red surrounded by white looks lighter. The black-bordered red appears much darker.
cafe wall optical illusion culinary schools

Cafe Wall

The horizontal lines look bent -- but they're actually parallel. The illusion lies in the grey border surrounding each tile.

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