Natural ways to enhance your memory

Human’s life is going on and nobody can stop it because if life will stop it means death will occur. Memory of human being is very interesting phenomenon as we know that with the passage of time human memory decreasing day by day and many people are trying to increase their memory. Some natural and very simple following measures can adopt every human to increase memory.
Brain memory
1. Take healthy food. Ingest only those foods like cereals and pulses because these foods contain Omega 3 fatty acids, glucose and antioxidants in significant amount. Intake small quantity of food during a day but increase number of intakes up to 4 and 5 times this will maintain glucose level in your body which makes you healthy.
2. Make your mind busy in the extracurricular activities like solving puzzle or those games in which exercise of your mind take place. It will keep you active and your memory will not decrease with the passage of time.
3. Make your body fit. Get up early in the morning and go for exercise and by taking fresh air in lawn or other place. This will makes you fresher and healthier.
4. Don’t take tension because by taking tension cortisole chemical fluid releases in the body which affect and damage your memory
5. Keep eye on Iron level of your body. Iron level and other micronutrients are required for normal functioning of body especially for neurotransmitters which plays vital role in the memory so take the micronutrients especially iron along with your food.
6. Do one task in one time. It’s our habit that we are becoming or try to becoming multi tuskers and do more than one work in the specific time hence you can could not learn and understand one thing completely which affect your memory. Concentrate on single task in a specific time and see the results.
7. Do not use medicine unless in severe conditions because with the increasing age medicine remain in the body for long time which affect your memory. The medicines which affect your memory are anti-depressant, bete blockers, medicine used for sleep etc.
8. Control your body cholesterol which ultimately increases your memory because cholesterol affect the blood flow in veins and arteries when it will control the blood circulation in the body as well as to the mind will improve which increases your memory.
9. Eat one apple daily. It has high level of antioxidant and acetylcholine which keeps your memory active by activating neurotransmitters. So make it habit and enjoy the life with healthy memory.
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