It is Only Possible in China

Most of the people have acrophobia when they stand at a high place and look down but Chinese people don’t seem to have such phobias. In Shanghai people stood at 2,000 feet height on a crane. Chinese people made it a game when they walked at the height of 2,000 feet.
The tallest building of China is under construction in China and engineers walked on the crane set at the top of the buildingwith no fear. If you ever get a chance to fly over that building on a plane or helicopter you would be able to see workers working on the top of the building without any fear. It is assumed that people can not look down for sometime from such a height. If you look down towards earth from top of the building you would feel giddy.
Building in Shanghai
The height of the building being constructed in Shanghai will be 2,073 feet after construction. It will have 120 floors in 2015 after the completion.
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