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Crazy Disorders Psychological Mental


Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is a disorder that causes a person to be excessively concerned with body image. A great example of this disorder is millionaire Jocelyn Wildenstein (pictured). She has reportedly spent over $4 Million on plastic surgery. From the looks of it, she should have left well enough alone. 
Crazy Disorders Psychological Mental

Factitious Disorder

Factitious Disorder is a bit like hypochondria. Hypochondriacs actually think they are sick, but people with Factitious Disorder lie about being sick for attention. They will sometimes harm themselves in order to gain attention. There is no cure for this disorder. This disorder is also referred to as Hospital Hopper Syndrome. 
Crazy Disorders Psychological Mental


Hair pulling is a disorder in which people pull the hair from their bodies, eyelashes included. This disorder is more common among women than men and can be found in children starting at age 11. If untreated, it can cause noticeable hair loss. 
Crazy Disorders Psychological Mental


Dissociative Identity Disorder is a severe disorder that causes the person to take on more than one personality. People with this disorder are unable to have a normal life because they can switch between identities and stay that way for years. They need constant care and are often institutionalized. The television show 'United States of Tara," deals with this disorder. 
Crazy Disorders Psychological Mental


This disorder has the individual believing they are not muscular enough. Symptoms include constant mirror checking, missing work or neglecting family in order to exercise, and possibly taking steroids. 
Crazy Disorders Psychological Mental

Exploding Head Syndrome

Exploding Head Syndrome is a sleep disorder that causes an individual to hear extremely loud noises in their heads resembling explosions, symbols clashing, gunshots or other unimaginable sounds. The sounds come from within and are not from the outside world. It can be very terrifying for the individual and it usually occurs after an hour or two of being asleep. 
Crazy Disorders Psychological Mental


This OCD disorder of book collecting can eventually cause health issues for an individual. People with this disorder tend to purchase large quantities of the same book or more than they are capable of enjoying.  
Crazy Disorders Psychological Mental

Capgras Syndrome

This rare disorder causes an individual to believe that someone they know and love has been switched with an imposter. It can also have them believing an inanimate object has been replaced too. 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' ring a bell?
Crazy Disorders Psychological Mental

Alien Hand Syndrome

Has your hand ever done something without your knowing about it? A person with this disorder may look at their hand, not recognizing it as their own. They are also unable to control the actions of the hand.  The exact cause of this is not known, but it can sometimes occur after some type of brain trauma.
Crazy Disorders Psychological Mental

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

This disorder affects the perception of the individual suffering from it. They are unable to see the correct size of the object they are looking at. Freaky! 
Crazy Disorders Psychological Mental

Walking Corpse Syndrome (Cotard Delusion)

Sufferers of this disorder believe that they are dead. It is connected to brain trauma. They often loose an emotional connection to their own reflections, similar to Capgras Syndrome. 
Crazy Disorders Psychological Mental


Sexsomia is very different from insomnia. People with this disorder perform sexual acts while in REM sleep. They are unaware of the activity and may possibly attempt to pleasure an unwilling partner. 
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