Chinese River suddenly turns Red during Night

China: (July 28, 2014) In China river suddenly turns red overnight which threaten the people living in the surroundings. It was not first time, in past such types of incidents has been reported but this time it was bit different from the past. River water turns bloodlike red overnight in the china city of Wenzhou.
chinese river turns red
The river is surrounded by the mountains all over and except front side which opens into the pacific sea. In 2012 same type of case is reported in the “Yangtze River” whose water was also turns red. Spot person said that there was normal flow of river on 4am but it changes into crimson color on 6am suddenly.
red water
Man who spent his whole life in the surroundings of this river said that it is not due to the industrial contamination because no industrial waste is released into the river of its whole length.
Environmental protection authority took samples from the river for laboratory test. They said that the cause of red water may be due to the sand distribution but comments on social media said that it is the completion of theories about the start of The Apocalypses.

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