Cheapest Winter Travel Destinations

New York City hotels winter travel

New York City

Do you want to spread your wings and travel this winter but don't have much cash? We dug up some locations that are suprisingly cheap and still super fun!
New York City is notorious for it's high hotel rates but a little known secret is Hotel Week NYC, which runs from Jan 3 - 12. During this week, many hotels including the Ace Hotel offer heavily discounted rates, some as low as $100, which is practically unheard of in the Big Apple! Also, air fare is usually pretty cheap to NYC, since it is such a large hub with 3 major airports in the area. Even Amtrak does holiday deals on fares this time of year. So if you ever dreamed of travelling to New York City, this might be the time!
Las Vegas winter travel packages

Las Vegas

Las Vegas seems to be pretty busy all year long, but not so much in the winter so you won't be fighting as many crowds. Another benefit of visiting Vegas in the winter months is that you won't have to swelter in the hot desert heat. In fact, it can get quite chilly. Due to this fact, many of the hotels lower their rates in winter to try to draw in more visitors and you'll be inside most of the time so you won't really mind the cold!
San Francisco hotels bayside

San Francisco

If you are looking for a more mild climate to visit during winter, check out San Francisco. If you are willing to compromise and get creative, you can actually vacation in this normally expensive city for really cheap. There are hostels in the city that are only $25 - $35 a night and may even include breakfast, an amazing deal! If a hostel isn't your thing, you can find budget hotels for just under $100 and 4 star hotels for around $150. Where you can really save is cheap food, especially really excellent but cheap Chinese food and cheap and easy public transportation.
Rome Colliseum winter snow destination


Due to the popularity of the new Pope, travel to Rome is on the rise, but there is still a dip in tourist numbers in the winter and that means big savings for you. Though the weather does get a little bit inclimate there, it rarely snows, so it's not too bad and the low prices might mean it's the only time you can afford to go! In the winter, everything from hotels to tour groups lower their rates to try to lure in more tourists and you could be one of them!
Ecuador rain forest exotic travel


If you are looking for a sunny foreign location, you might want to check out Ecuador. They have recently opened up a new airport, resulting in cheap flights as low as just under $500 per person. You can save even more with packages that include airfare and hotel or sign up for tour packages that also include accomodations and adventure!
Cocoa Beach beach vacation

North Coast Florida

The southern parts of Florida are pretty expensive no matter what time of year it is, but if you are willing to travel a little further north where it is just a little cooler but still a mild 70s in the winter, you can add up the savings and still have fun at the beach this winter. A couple of good choices for hotels are the DoubleTree Suites in Melbourne Beach which has oceanfront rooms for as low as $120 or an even better deal with the DoubleTree in Cocoa Beach which starts at $100 and has a private beach!
Santa Fe Winter snow

Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico

New Mexico might not seem like a wintery destination but it is actually home to the Southern Rockies where there is plenty of snow in the winter months. In Albuquerque and Santa Fe you will find homey towns that will welcome you with open arms and plenty of free events around the holidays to enjoy. Hotels are cheap this time of year with rates for decent hotels around $80 a night.
Montreal, Canada winter


Want to get out of the country this winter but can't afford to go too far? Check out Montreal, Canada. From now until December 31st the city is having a Fall Sweet Deal where over 35 hotels are offering half off the second night you stay at their hotel and the already offer pretty low rates as low as $92. Another good deal is $60 for a pass to 38 museums in the city!


Nashville still has great music year round, including in the winter, so don't let the slightly colder weather stop you. If you go there over New Year's Eve, you can even attend Music City's totally free night of music ending with a ball drop. Winter airfare and hotel rates drop significantly, too so head on out to Nashville and get your country on this winter.
Bangkok Grand Palace


If you are wanting to visit an Asian country this winter, Bangkok might be your best bet. Wait until after December though because that is their biggest month for tourism and prices reflect it. If you go in January and February however, you'll still get good weather and good prices such as hotels for as low as $40 a night with high speed internet included. Bangkok also has cheap light rail systems and the taxis and tuk tuks are fairly low priced, too. Food and tours are amazingly cheap too. Pretty much once you get there, you can get everything for a steal!
Mount Rose Lake Tahoe

Mount Rose Lake Tahoe

Going skiing in winter can get pretty expensive but Mount Rose near Lake Tahoe has some amazing deals. It is the closest ski resort to Reno, Nevada and it gets a lot of snow in the winter so you'll get plenty of powder. They have such deals as Two 'Fer Tuesdays where you can get 2 adult all day ski lift tickets for the price of one and ski and stay deals from $79.
San Antonio

San Antonio

If you are travelling with family or just like amusement parks, San Antonio might be the winter destination for you. You can get decent hotel rates of around $99 a night and then take advantage of coupons from the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau for $10 off Sea World tickets and adult tickets for kids prices at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
Seattle winter


Seattle might be the last place you think of when you think of travel anytime, much less winter because who wants to trade snow for rain, but when you hear the deals the hotels have going, you might think again! Many Seattle hotels are luring in the visitors by offering sleep and shop deals such as the one the Sheraton has for hotel rates of $209 a night with a $100 Macy's gift card given to you for each night you stayand complimentary photos with Santa at Macy's as well!
Hilton Head

South Carolina Coast

Visit the South Carolina coast in the middle of summer and you could be looking at hotel prices of around $300 a night or more. Stay in the same room in winter and you can book for around $125 instead. Sure, the weather might not be as nice, but it's not going to be snowy and you still get to check out the same sights! So if you ever wanted to visit places like Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head or Charlston, winter might be the time.
Yellowstone in winter

Yellowstone National Park

You might not know it but Yellowstone National Park stays open year round and offers a lot of fun and cheap things to do, especially if you like to get outside in the cold, such as snowshoe, cross country ski or even snowmobile. You can also find budget hotel rates as low as around $70 in the surrounding area. So gather up the family and head to Yellowstone and see the sights and have some winter fun without the crowds.
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