Biggest Pets in the World

Garfield fattest pet cat in the world

Garfield the Cat

Everyone knows about the classic cartoon character, but this is Garfield the real-life fat cat. This massive kitty was given to an animal shelter and weighed in at a whopping 40 pounds! He was put on a diet to start losing weight.
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Zeus largest pet dog in the world

Zeus the Dog

A lot of people own big dogs, but they don't compare to this friendly beast. Zeus is a Great Dane that stands 44 inches tall and can stretch out to a length of 87 inches! He was awarded the title of "World's Tallest Dog" in 2013.
Ralph largest rabbit in the world

Ralph the Rabbit

Most rabbits are only a few pounds when they are full-grown, but Ralph is a 55 pound bunny from the UK. Size obviously runs in the family, because his parents were both previous world record holders too.
Gary largest pet capybara in the world

Gary the Capybara

Even though a capybara is technically a big rodent, Gary lives and acts more like a dog. This 112-pound pet lives with a family in Texas and even knows how to do some tricks! Gary is often taken to local schools to educate children about capybaras.
Bailey Jr. the fattest pet bison in the world

Bailey Jr. the Bison

A Canadian man named Jim Sautner has a very interesting pet. He owns a 1,600 pound bison named Bailey Jr. that he adopted when it was a baby. The bison is treated like family and actually slept inside the house until it got too big. Sautner still drives Bailey Jr. around town and takes him to a local bar!
Medusa longest pet python in the world

Medusa the Python

Most people would be afraid of a snake that's more than a couple feet long, but what about 25 feet long? Medusa is the world's largest snake and weighs in at around 350 pounds.  It takes 15 people to hold her and she eats a 40lb animal about once a week!
Bandit the fattest pet raccoon in the world

Bandit the Raccoon

Bandit was named the world's fattest raccoon when he weighed in at 75 pounds. He was born with a thyroid issue that led to extra weight gain throughout his life. He was raised by a dog, which made him fairly tame, and he was later found and adopted by a woman.
Big Jake the tallest pet horse in the world

Big Jake the Horse

Big Jake is an incredible horse that stands at 83-inches tall. He was listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the tallest horse in the world, and has become a popular tourist attraction in Wisconsin.
Hercules largest cat in the world

Hercules the Liger

While the liger sounds like a made-up animal, it's a real thing. In fact, the largest living cat of any kind in the world is Hercules, an liger. He lives in South Carolina, stands 49 inches tall at the shoulder, measures 131 inches long, and weighs over 900 pounds!
Sammy pet Tortoise Colin Kaepernick

ammy the Tortoise

Tortoises are extremely long-living pets that can live for over 100 years and grow to hundreds of pounds. While it isn't the largest one in the world, this huge 115-Pound tortoise named Sammy is owned by a celebrity! San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was given the pet as a child and it's still growing. You can even follow Sammy on Twitter: @SammyKaep7
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