Best Smart Watches that beats Smartphones

world we all are running behind the techno world . many of great event likeMobile Phones & Computers . which complete our daily routine personal or professional work easily in few seconds . mobile phones or called a smartphones are done almost all over texture work today with all types of useful apps of productivity , photography , games , music , analytic etc.. All major smartphones companies like Apple , Google , Samsung , LG  , ASUS , Motorola , Sony , LG etc.. are in race with their smart watches too with great features and extra ordinary technology in your wrist . In this article check it out some of the best smart watches  that beat smartphones and latest upcoming smart watches in 2015 .
Best Smart watch

Top Smart Watches 2014

Google GEM :- After success of Google Glass & Nexus 5 Google going to launched it’s smart watchwith collaboration of Motorola it have latest Android Kit Kat Version with a fantastic User Interface feature . The watch offered open source programming similar to Android Smartphones & Android tablet .
Google Gem smart watch

Apple iWatch :- It’s a 1.52 “ screen device which runs on IOS 7 compatible with all all IOS apps with Bluetooth feature . Sensors for monitoring health data , built in map support and many advance features it it.
Apple iwatch

Samsung Gear live :- Samsung gear live is one of the best creation from Samsung it supports in all category it’s looks brightness and stylish , powered by android wear , screen 1.63’’ with 1.2 GHz processor .
Samsung Gear Live

LG ‘G watch’ :- March 18 , 2014 LG reveled LG smart watch named ‘G Watch’ @ $229 . it has a square face in it contains 1.65 “ display , 512 MB RAM , 4GB Storage with water proof technology . LG G watch offered a wide range of apps who delivered you thousands of Alerts and personalized facility options with nice user Interface .
LG G watch

Conclusion :- More over many other brands also running in this race of smart watches with better UI and advance features to bend your wrist with technology . toddy’s look not even a smartphone is primary option demanding generation covers smart watches too with smart phones some of otherBest Smart Watches from other companies such as Kreyos Meteor , Spice smart watch , Sonostar , Motorola Moto 360 , Asus Smart watch etc…
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