Are These Animals in Love?

Birds cuddling

Love Birds

These two are happy to finally get a moment alone. The one on the right couldn't be more thrilled!
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Lizard with his arm around the other lizard's back

Lizard Lovin'

They're just a couple of lizards, spending a romantic day on the water.
Cat cuddling with her baby kitten

Cuddling Kittens

This mommy cat sure has a lot of love for her baby! Just look at how they snuggle up for a nice, peaceful nap.
Two tigers nuzzling faces

Tiger Love

Tigers may generally seem like vicious creatures, but this photo shows us a whole other side of the striped jungle creatures!
Two giraffes nuzzling necks

Nuzzling Necks

This pair of adorable giraffes seem to be deep in the throes of love. They may be extremely tall, but they're the perfect size for each other
Two swans on a lake

Swan Lake

Swans are a well-known symbol of love for a reason! You can tell just by looking at this duo that they'reextremely fond of each other.
Monkey kissing another monkey on the cheek

Pucker Up

Get ready for a smooch! Even monkeys give their friends and family a good peck on the cheek from time to time.
Elephants hugging with their trunks

Joined at the Trunks

How adorable are these two? An elephant never forgets to show affection!
Koala bears hanging in a tree

Hanging Around

These koalas love to spend the day snoozing and snuggling amongst the branches!
Birds embracing on a branch

Lover's Lane

These birds know just where to go to spend some quality time with their significant others! If they had cars,they would be parking.
Two zebras embracing in the wild

Wanting Some Privacy

The look on this zebra's face seems to say, "Shoo! Go away! Could we get a little privacy, please?"
Two dogs nuzzling necks

Puppy Love

In this dog-eat-dog world, it's important to find someone who will always stick by your side. These pups are lucky to have each other!
Two penguins cuddling each other

Snuggling Penguins

Penguins are famous for their lifelong pairings and other romantic behavior, so it's not surprising to find two penguins in such a loving position!
Mother and baby kangaroo lying in the grass

Kangaroo Family

Here's another adorable mother-baby pair! Does it get any cuter than this?
Monkey cuddling a cat

When Monkey Met Cat

Who knew that a cat could find such comfort in a monkey's embrace? BFFs for life!
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