8 Odd Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

With recent graduates on the prowl, it’s hard not to wonder what else is out there beyond the typical 9-to-5 job. So, here are eight jobs you didn’t even know existed. Some of these may be your dream job, or your worst nightmare.
Pet Food Taster
Ever wondered if Fido’s kibble actually tastes good? According to the Daily Mail, you can have a profession chomping down on pet food. One senior “food technologist” in the UK claims he tries each type of pet food to ensure the aroma, taste and texture are pleasing to both the pet and the pet owner. For the most part, though, he does not swallow the samples, claiming he would be in “quite a different shape” if he did.

Professional Sleeper
Apparently your strong sleeping skills can land you a job. There have been reports of hotels around the world looking for “professional sleepers” to test their beds and blog about how great they are. Seems like a dream come true!

Artisanal Pencil Sharpener
Yes, this is a real job. At $15 a pencil, David Rees will sharpen your pencil by hand“carefully and lovingly.” The shavings are also bagged and included with the pencil of your choice. He even wrote a book called, “How to Sharpen Pencils,” which was reviewed in The New Yorker.

Fortune Cookie Writer
Think you can write better fortunes for those cookies that come with your Chinese takeout? One man has been writing fortunes for over eleven years. According to The New Yorker, over the years, he wrote about four to five fortunes a day, taking inspiration from Chinese proverbs and his everyday experiences. His advice? “Think in ten-word sentences.”

Train Pusher
Due to the high volume of rush hour commuters, Japan actually hires “oshiya,” or “pushers,” that help people get in packed train cars by pushing them in so they don’t get caught in the doors. Apparently it’s not as “aggressive” as it seems since they wear fancy white gloves and act politely, but watch the video and judge for yourself.

Gross Stunt Tester
You know those awful live worms, buffalo testicles and cow eyes people eat for crazy reality competitions like “Survivor” and “Fear Factor?” Someone gets paid to test them first. Though this job may seem gag-worthy, it is (somehow) completely safe. One “Fear Factor” assistant production coordinator assured MSN that all gross entrees are “either a delicacy someplace in the world or certified as safe by professional entomologists.”

NASA Staff Sniffer
Since there is no way to “air out” stinky smells in the space station, the NASA staff sniffer tests every item that goes up in space to make sure the smell will not linger or make the astronauts sick.

Waterslide Tester
Your childhood dream can become a reality – people get paid to go down waterslides. According to one waterpark company in the UK, one tester could get £20,000 ($32,000) and a free vacation at one of the company’s resorts. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about professional attire – a bathing suit works just fine.

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