5 Extremely Unique Beaches

maldives beach
Bioluminescent Beach - This unique beach can be found in Maldives. It’s like looking at stars in the ocean. The effect comes from Bioluminescent phytoplankton, which usually glows when agitated making the whole beach shine.
maho plane beach
Maho Beach – This beach is located on Saint Martin Island, Sint Maarten, and what sets it apart is the fact that the planes landing here are flying so low, you can almost touch them by jumping up. It’s amazing for selfies too.
pig beach bahamas
Pig Beach – Ever wanted to swim with pigs. Well, if you can fulfill that bizarre wish in Big Major Cay in Bahamas, an island populated by 20 something pigs who often swim around in the water surrounding the island. No one knows where they come from, but curious travelers visit the island just to see them.
green sand beach
Green Sand Beach – Only four beaches in the world exhibit this color, coming from the mineral olivine (from the nearby cinder cone). This particular beach is located in South Point, Ka’u, Hawaii. We have to admit – it doesn’t look particularly attractive.
hot water beach new zealand
How Water Beach - Yes, water gets relatively hot during summer near most beaches, but this New Zealand beach is something else. Here you can pick up a shovel, and dig your own spa, thanks to heated water (64°C or 147°F) coming from two underground springs. Pretty amazing!

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