15 Most Expensive Pairs of Designer Sunglasses

Gold And Platinum Porsche sunglasses

15 Gold And Platinum Porsche - $6,670

You won't believe how much the rich spend on designer sunglasses. Some of them cost as much as a house! These first few pairs almost seem affordable compared to the ones at the top of the list.
Such as this pair by car maker Porsche, made of both gold and platinum. It doesn't only have gold in the frames, but in it's 24kt gold mirrored polycarbonate lenses as well. Can you imagine seeing the world through gold? If you can fork up $6,670, you can! And if you think these are expensive, just wait until you see how much the most expensive sunglasses in the world are and what you get for them!
Christian Dior Glossy Gold 500 Sunglasses

#14 Christian Dior Glossy Gold 500 - $7,950

There were only 500 pairs of these Christian Dior 18kt gold sunglasses produced, pushing the price up to almost $8000 and even higher on places like eBay due to it's hard to find nature.
Cartier Paris sunglasses

#13 Cartier Paris $25,000

These Cartier shades from the 80s are still worth $25,000 and it's no wonder with all that bling! In addition to the 18kt gold detailing, they have 188 collet diamonds adding up to a total of 7.5 carats.

Ultra Goliath sunglasses

#12 Ultra Goliath - $25,000

The Ultra Goliath sunglasses were certainly named appropriately. They are garishly adorned with over 2,000 round diamonds that are set in 65 grams worth of gold. It's a wonder they aren't more expensive, really!
Lugano Diamonds Sunglasses

#11 Lugano Diamonds Sunglasses - $27,000

These sunglasses from designer Lugano are quite sylish and unique. They used brown, yellow and black diamonds to create a leopard pattern on the frames. But is it tacky or is it worth the $27,000 price tag?
Parentesi Diamond Sunglasses

#10 Parentesi Diamond Sunglasses - $31,000

Only ten pairs of these sunglasses by Bvlgari were ever produced. Each pair has 206 Pave diamonds set into the temples, totaling 2.5 carats.
Bentley Platinum

#9 Bentley Platinum Sunglasses - $45,276

Who knew Bentley made sunglasses in addition to cars? And that they were going to price them as much as cars! These shades are so expensive because they frames are made of the precious metal platinum, but don't worry, there are different versions made in yellow, white and rose gold for just over $14,000.
 Bvlgari Flora sunglasses

#8 Bvlgari Flora - $59,000

These $59,000 Bvlgari sungasses are made with 18kt white gold and plenty of blue sapphires and aquamarines in the shape of flowers, earning their name Flora.
Limited Edition Maybach

#7 Limited Edition Maybach - $60,000

There are two models of the Limited Edition Maybach sunglasses for $60,000, The Star I and The Diplomat I. The both have 174 diamonds totalling 1.18 carats, but one is 18k white gold and the other is 18k yellow gold. There were only 50 pairs made of each.
Luxuriator Due 23

#6 Luxuriator Due 23 - $65,000

$65,000 sounds like a lot of money until you find out what these sunglasses are made of! The frames are made of 18kt gold accented with buffalo horn ivory set with an astounding 132 diamonds and a 2 carat canary diamond on the right lens. With all of that, they're practically a bargain!
CliC Gold Sport Sunglasses

#5 CliC Gold Sport - $75,000

Could you imagine spending $75,000 on sunglasses that you wore while playing sports? Well, the makers of these hoped someone would! They are made of 18kt gold and each pair takes 50 hours worth of hand crafting to make, which makes it not suprising that only 100 pairs were ever made.
Sama Rimless sunglasses

#4 Sama Rimless - $108,000

These rimless sunglasses by Sama are inlaid with large precious gems and retail for $108,000.
Emerald Sunglasses

#3 Emerald Sunglasses - #200,000

It's not the frames this time but the lenses that make this pair of sunglasses so expensive. They are made of actual emeralds. It took over 5 years to shape, cut and polish the emeralds used to make these sunglasses. They are inspired by Emperor Nero who used to watch the gladiator fights through emerald stones.
Gold And Diamond Dolce & Gabbana

#2 Gold And Diamond Dolce & Gabbana - $383,609

Until recently, these Dolce & Gabanna frames were the most expensive sunglasses you could buy and the uber rich have been snatching them up. They are super expensive due to, you guessed it, lots of gold and diamonds. But one more pair has them beat!
Chopard Sunglasses

#1 Chopard Sunglasses - $400,000

The most expensive pair of sunglasses in the world were made by Swiss designer Chopard. The exact price has not been revealed but they have been estimated to be worth at least $400,000 and probably more. They are made of 60 grams worth of 24 kt gold and have 51 full cut River diamonds totalling 4 carats in weight.

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