10 Coolest Islands in the World

Palm Islands

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Sure, you could have a really nice vacation on an island like Hawaii or the Bahamas, but that's boring! Why not visit something more interesting like one of these coolest islands in the world!
Some of the coolest islands in the world are man made and some of the coolest man made islands are located in Dubai, called the Palm Islands. They aren't completely finished yet, but Palm Jumeirah is nearly finished and already has a lot of residents and hotels open on the location. That island alone doubled Dubai's natural coastline!
Madagascar lemurs

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The nation of Madagascar is the 4th largest island on the planet and home to some of the most unique species. It separated from the rest of the African continent about 165 million years ago and it's wildlife has evolved independently from the rest of the world ever since. This has led to the astonishing fact that 90% of it's plant and animal species can only be found on that island. Some examples include the Baobab tree and lemurs.

Easter Island

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Easter Island is home to one of the world's great mysteries: how exactly did the unadvanced Polynesians who lived on the island create and move the giant Maoi statues the island is famous for. There are 887 of the statues in total on the island in varying states of transport from the quarry from which the stone they were built of came from. And though there are many theories for how the early society could have moved these huge stones, the true answer is still unknown.

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Gorgona is known as Colombia's Alcatraz. From the 1950s to the 1980s the island was home to a maximum security prison which is now closed. In 1985 the island was declared a natural national park and the prison buildings have been overgrown with vegetation. Tourist groups of only 80 at a time are allowed to visit the island but are strictly monitored so they don't wander off and endanger themselves or the local wildlife which includes many endangered species including the blue lizard of Gorgona.
Spitsbergen island

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If you are looking for a tropical island vacation, don't go to Spitsbergen. Still, this Norwegian island is very unique, being one of the norternmost permanent settlements in the world. Because of this it has a few more claims to fame: it has the most northerly church and the most northerly airport in the world. It is also home to the world famous Svalbard Global Seed Vault where we are storing up samples of a variety of plant seeds in case of global disaster.


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Pitcairn is the last British overseas territory in the Pacific and the least populous national jurisdiction in the world with only about 56 inhabitants. They are all made up of the descendants of the HMS Bounty that crashed there in 1790, the wreckage of which can still be seen. Their story has been told in movies such as Mutiny on the Bounty. Now the inhabitants make some of the best honey in the world. But if you want some, you will have to wait months for your order because no planes visit the island and due to the hard to traverse bay, mail visits can be months apart.
Bouvet Island

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Bouvet Island is the most remote island in the world. It is located in the south Atlantic Ocean 1,550 miles south-southwest of South Africa and the closest other piece of land to it is Antarctica which is a further 1,100 miles to the south of Bouvet Island. If you want to visit it, well, you are actually in luck! Though there are no permanent residents on the island, it is actually fairly popular with adventure travelers and groups do travel there basically just to say they did.
North Sentinel Island

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North Sentinel Island is one of the islands on this list that you will not be taking your next vacation to. Not unless you feel like being shot at by arrows, that is. This island is home to one of the last uncontacted groups of people in the world and they want it to stay that way! The island is located in the Bay of Bengal and the people are known to us as the Sentinelese, though who knows what they call themselves because if any boats or helicopters get too close they are fired at by a volley of arrows. For now, little is known about the island or the people and we have agreed to leave them alone since that is obviously what they want.
Great Blue Hole

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Though Lighthouse Reef is technically an island or atoll, it is really the Great Blue Hole at the center that is the coolest part and the reason why anyone travels there. It is a sinkhole located in the Caribbean Sea that is 480 feet deep and is one of the most amazing diving spots on Earth. It is filled with fascinating stalactites and marine life that even the great Jacques-Yves Cousteau loved to explore.
Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca

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Man is capable of amazing things, even without technology. The Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca are just one example of that. The floating islands are made up of totora reeds which are woven into mats that are 8 to 12 feet thick. The mats are then tied to each other and to the bottom of the lake to keep them stable. Some of the islands are as big as half of a football field! They were created in pre-Colombian times by a tribe who migrated to escape rival tribes. 

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